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    Andre post=330546 wrote: Yep 😉

    Their loss … and imagine how disappointed I’d be when, after accepting the position, I saw something better.. lol

    I certainly believe in the saying “when one door closes, another one opens” … just got to be in the right place at the right time to enter.


    Yep, just stay alert, there’s sure to be something better around the corner…………

    or the next corner or…………….. :tup:


    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Bummer, Andre.

    Hopefully the next opportunity won’t be too long in coming your way.


    I’m sorry you didnt get it. Dont give up answer every ad that interests you.

    Our third son found two jobs and sent his resume in also a third he wasnt sure about and ended up rushing to Sydney boxing Day for an interview of the third one and got it. Still there by the way 10 years later.


    For what it’s worth – an update. (or rant)

    I am now a free-agent 😉

    My last Navy day has been and gone (16 December) with little fanfare.

    I’ve moved back to Melbourne (from Canberra) and will move to another dwelling (in Northcote) at the end of the month as the current house is owned by defence. (now that I’m ‘out’ we have to move)

    Several interesting jobs ‘pending’ – one I can do (unsure of the job satisfaction), and has the potential of bringing in over $100k in the renewable energy sector, one I can do in a local council for <$50k, though whether I'll enjoy it is uncertain and one that I know I'll absolutely love, but won't pay too much <$40k.

    I was also rethinking starting up an eco-friendly lawn-mowing/gardening business. True, it would be in direct competition with the other several dozen lawn mowing businesses, but I do feel there is a need – and better still – the chance of reasonable success over time (once word-of-mouth spread). The ‘hook’ to utilise my skills instead of the competition is the ‘Eco-friendly’ direction.

    Initially, I was thinking of pure manual labour – with shears, push-mower (just the rotary blades/no motor) and good ol’ elbow grease. I’d have my trusty bike and modified trailer with all the attachments.

    However, now, while still pushing the environmentally direction, I’d have a ‘top of the line’ electric mower and edge trimmer (charged by renewable energy sources). I’d also offer gardening, permaculture and self-sufficiency advice.

    Still … food for thought as I await the outcome of my recent binge of job applications.

    Oh .. and thank you all for your interest :clap: :cheer:


    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Hey Andre all sounds pretty positive :tup: The love of the job compensates for the reduced money well, that has been my experience for what it is worth 🙂 . Hope you and yours have a restful Christmas and 2012 bring heaps of opportunities.

    All the best



    Andre, it does sound very positive. The way to go. I also think job satisfaction outways the money, also my experience. Good luck with your adventure….my moto is enjoy the journey and the destination will take care of itself.

    Have a Merry Christmas.


    as to that gardening advice… how far dose that bike of yours go :whistle: might need some of that advice 😉 😛 :laugh: good luck with all things, and hope it gets you alittle closer to that property of yours :tup:


    good luck Andre with your job hunting. I remember seeing/reading some where ,not long ago, someone using only Eco-friendly practices in a gardening round. Just can’t remember where….Melbourne I think.


    Hi Andre

    If you are passionate about where you will be happy and can afford to do it, I would recommend it. Sounds like you have worked hard in your last position… you certainly deserve to be happy in your new job.

    I took a massive pay cut 3 months ago and am now working in conservation doing admin -I was with a massive global IT company (the one with the 3 letter acronym). It has been worth every cent I lost…. It was a big step to accept I would be earning 60% less but I am so happy that I made the move. I can already see opportunities in the Conservation industry now that I am here.

    Your ideas sound great and their is a market for your ideas.


    Hi all

    Thank you so much for your kind and positive thoughts.

    As a surprise, my daughter has introduced me to Facebook (also watched The Social Network recently … I suspect she is attempting to get me more involved with the 21st Century).

    Here’s a link to to the FB business page: (I hope)

    Not sure where this will lead, or I might even get some other employment .. we shall see.



    Just visited your Facebook page Andre. :tup: :clap: Good move by your daughter.Love the eco gardening concept.All the best for any new venture in 2012.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Well done on venturing into FB territory Andre .. even if you have been dragged there :clap:


    Humbug post=333293 wrote: Well done on venturing into FB territory Andre .. even if you have been dragged there :clap:

    I was VERY brave … no kicking and screaming from moi 😆



    Ok.. got word this morning that I’ve been accepted for a position. :tup:

    For better or worse, I’ll give this a solid go to see how I fare. It may not be my ‘cup of tea’, or, not having had the opportunity of being a consultant, I might love it. What it has going for it is that it’s the renewable energy field. It’s a long way from gardening, but I do feel solar power (as well as other sustainable energy sources) should be more prevalent. So in that regard, it is something I am passionate about …

    It should at least keep me going until Tread Gently Gardening becomes viable.



    congratulations Andre, – a whole new world opening up for you 🙂

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