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Everhot wood stoves

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    Can you still buy a new Everhot wood stove (I think that the 204 was the most popular). Do they still make them and if so how much and where from?


    don’t know whether these stoves can still be bought new Bryan, but all parts are available in australia on the web. a search will probably turn up re-conditioned Everhots too. the trick will be to find one near enough to you so that freight costs aren’t too high. these are heavy items

    cheers … Jim


    Thanks mate. Many years ago Everhot used to be on Pacific Highway at Lane Cove. For a while I worked in the store room and used to help load the stoves onto trucks for delivery to rural NSW.

    Heavy!! Wilbur heavy isn’t the word for them. They literally weigh a ton.


    Bryan, we purchased a 204 in very good condition locally for $800 dollars. at the time we were looking around Scandia (see Andre’s post) wanted $4000 for a reconditioned 204. which to our mind was too dear. we think a wanted ad in the Country Life newspaper would bring you results.

    it’s a big job to re-brick these, so make sure the bricks and the cast iron the fire rests on are in good nick. in our opinion without these being in good order the stove is only worth $100. and not much sweat!


    Thanks for that.

    By the way is it Wilbur or Jim?

    I was having a look online the other day at new Rayburn wood stoves and they wanted over $9500! It must be some stove!



    yep Bryan, rayburns are beautys … much longer lasting than everhots. they’d be a forty year stove before recon, I reckon. depends how they’re treated of course.

    and yes, it’s Jim … and Jenny


    I bought an everhot 204 for $300 2 years ago,now installed in my shed.

    It needs some reco and the hot water system is not piped in yet, but it kept a 10x8x4m high shed warm last winter…. great to cook on and bake in.

    i love it.

    Reckon it could be warmer and easier to clean with new bricks etc… but fine for now.

    There is a guy in WA tel 08 93996934 who sells parts and knows his stuff..

    he may know where they are available but am not sure if they still make them.

    I have a user and installation manual which could be copied and sent if anyone needs copies of these.

    best wishes in finding a lovely heart to your home….


    I have an everhot 204 purchased for $300 obviously 2nd hand and now installed a year ago.

    The hot water is not connected yet, but it warmed my shed (7x10x4.5m high) and provided excellent cooking and oven last winter.

    It needs some reconditioning… bricks? am not sure, to get it warmer and more easy to clean I suspect, but is fine for now.

    I love it!… Not an arga or other finer stove specimen, but cute and effective.

    There is a guy called Thassos in WA who sells parts and knows his stuff about this stove.

    his number is 08 93996934… or was when I last called him about 6 months ago.

    Also a person in VIC 03 57922388… though I preferred Thassos for clear advice and info.

    Parts can be posted and either may know of where to get such a stove.

    best wishes in finding a beautiful heart for your home.


    sorry I’ve put in two responses above.

    Does anyone know how to delete a post to avoid boring anyone?


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