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    I am a homeschooling dad, one year in with daughter [6] and her little brother starts this year.

    We do have a social support deficit and I was after some ideas. We do have fortnightly or monthly family support from similar aged but schoolgoing cousins, local after school activities are fine but don’t fit the bill, and the only local hs social group is too new age christiany. We do hold moral deveopment pretty high, but I have baggage.

    Does anyone have any ideas on setting up a network? I was thinking about running an ad in the local paper but that has its problems.

    Regards, Terry


    If you were prepared to put the work into starting a new group, you might well find there are quite a few families out there with a similar opinion of the existing local group to yours 😉 If you don’t want to put an ad in the paper, what about flyers at places like the library or anywhere you think like-minded people might visit? Advertise a weekly park day, and then go hang out with your kids at the advertised spot each week and see if anyone shows up.


    hi terry. you could try the hea site for existing groups nearby

    or you could try ashen (aust secular home ed network) – it’s a new group, but you could find someone there:

    you could also try one of the other homeschooling online groups and ask if anyone is closeby. do a search in yahoo to find a forum that matches your style of ed.

    good luck. having a nice group to hang out with makes all the difference.



    Good ideas, thanks. :wave::tup:I’m sure there are plenty of similar thinking or needing families out there. I was thinking of a local library flyer etc. and will give that ashen site a go too.

    I wonder how Bill M would this, I don’t have a social network problem I have a BLANK deficiency. I’ll have to cogitate a while. :geek:

    Ta, Terry


    hey terry. i have received a link to a new homeschooling group:


    “This group is for those who seek support online or those who are looking to make connections with local home educating families. This group is all inclusive, that is, all home educating philosophies and all personal belief systems are welcome here.

    New members who seek to make online friendships may post an introduction. However, this is not a discussion list. This way folks will be able to post their introductions without the concern of starting an online battle!”

    it has just started, so it’s pretty small, but you might find some locals there soon.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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