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    I am presently researching esoteric gardening practices. Things like utilising the earth’s natural energies through ley lines, using paramagnetism and ‘towers of power’, and employing homa therapy on the vegie patch through agnihotra healing fire. Do you talk to your plants or play music to them? Do you meditate in your vegie plot and establish karmic connections with the plants? If you do any or all of these things, or other practices ‘outside the square’, I’d be interested in hearing from you. If you don’t want to ‘fess up on an open thread, PM me and tell me about it in private. Your deep, dark gardening secrets will be safe with me.


    Wazza, this could be seriously interesting so I hope folk will share their experiences.I do have a strong sense of place and peace in my fenced mandela but I don’t meditate in the “formal” sense.Do have a small table and a chair in there for quiet moments.I do use a small pendulum over large seeds to determine the most viable and have proved that to work by sowing seeds , eg sweet corn, according to the pendulum results.I may be able to find the photos I took.Is this the kind of practice you are thinking of ? I guess that one is related to magnetism somehow?I wonder if there’s an esoteric approach to rats ……….I certainly don’t have good karmic connections with them, feel more like using a large pendulum from a great height……….Off to Google “agnihotra healing fire” and will follow this thread with interest.


    Cool! :tup:

    Certainly nothing new about it hey, indigenous cultures have been using esoteric gardening methods for thousands of years. I’m a scientist through and through but too much unexplained phenomena has occurred in my life for me to scoff at such concepts.

    As a child I was so sensitive to energies that I learned how to shut it all out as even brushing past people with negative issues made me feel ill or sad….now I’ve gone the other way and can’t pick ’em – hence the divorce I suppose!! LOL

    I work to create ‘harmony’ in a gardening space, its an intuitive thing more than actively working with energies. Maybe in practice that equates to the same thing.

    ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ is an interesting read.


    Yeah I use the pendulum sometimes, and I have a Tower. I talk to various plants at various times, sometimes of the shape up or ship out variety of speech too.


    Hi Wazza,

    That should be interesting research.

    First of all, I talk to my plants (animals and anyone else who will listen :lol:) all the time. I see all things as spirit and therefore I treat all things with that respect to the best of my ability at the time. Still learning each day how to do that better. I also believe in nature spirits and communicate with them as part of a “team” effort so to speak and have done now for many, many years. The results over the many years have at times been astounding. As a point of interest we had a soil test done on a previous property and applied one third of the recommended amount of amendments and communicated with the nature spirits our intention and why we required the soil amendments. This test was viewed by our Diploma of Ag teacher who also viewed the next test results which came back with in his words “impossible” results. Some of the changes simply were not possible and certainly were astounding,in the time frame between tests, even if we had put on the recommended amendments. The soil within twelve months went from very very average to excellent. He asked us how and we said “fairy power” which certainly got him thinking and opening up his belief systems somewhat – or at least I hope it did.

    There is a lot of stuff out there, radionics for example which has been used for a very long time in terms of “esoteric gardening” and eco agriculture. For those that are interested, Dr. Arden Anderson uses radionics as do many fairly main stream modern eco farmers to soil test and make amendments.

    Hugh Lovel, who is a chemist and well respected bio-dynamic teacher and world lecturer, works now in quantum biodynamics, further developed something called a “radionics tower” which has gained a lot of popularity in more modern farming practices with much recorded quite amazing results.

    The Russians have been using energy transference for many years in their main stream practices. Not sure of the date, but a few years ago they sent a team of “researchers” out here and did some tests, think it was with the CSIRO and they worked fields in scientifically designed and managed experiments. I have only heard of this second hand, but from a very reliable and professional source that they had a control patch, a patch amended with agricultural amendments (not sure if these were organics or main stream chemical) and a patch that they worked with energy on. The results were that the energy patch well out performed the other two. If anyone is interested in this I can maybe track it down as to what the crop was, where and when.

    Anyway, I will be interested in this thread to see what others out there are doing.



    Why I am amazed I do not know! ALS continues on its way with no topic, so far as I know, unanswered.

    Thank you Wazza, what a topic.

    And thank you Mauzi you sound remarkably like my twin, if I had one. :hug:

    I talk to everything when I am working and even the snails I kill I “send back to the group soul” and I kill them only because of the necessity to save enough veg for us to eat and preserve etc. I do not kill them in anger.

    I thank the plants and trees for their fruits etc and do my best to look after them appropriately.

    I have googled Agnihotra Healing Fire and there is a treasure chest of topics flowing on from that one google. Thanks Wazza. I had heard of Ayurveda of course but had never been drawn to investigate it further.

    This has the promise of being a wonderful, interesting and informative thread if we all stay ‘nice’. Let’s try please folks. :hug:

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    I talk to my plants and have a chat with my chooks and ducks.

    I am very interested to find out what others do and about the successes or otherwise that they have


    I also sit down in the veggie garden on my old little bench seat and chat to everything – veggies, weeds, dogs (usually looking at me strangely) birds, and anything else that is around. Don’t know if it helps the ‘environment’ but I don’t seem to get any bugs on anything, everything grows really well and the dogs still love me 🙂


    Umm .. okay .. very interesting.

    Can’t help, Wazza (maybe I need help instead? 😉 )

    Will do the google thing and follow this thread to see if I can be swayed – one way or the other.



    I believe esoteric gardening would work, I can’t really see why it wouldn’t. I am unfamiliar with agnihotra & what I have read thus far, I am not convinced by it.

    Whilst I don’t meditate in the actual garden itself, I do practice this elsewhere on a fairly regular basis and I feel it helps me a lot.

    I can see how regular commitment in this way would be of benefit to the plants.. it would certainly not hurt them 🙂

    I find Mauzi’s post very interesting!

    sue e

    When I feel stressed/ anxious/sad the garden is the only place for me to chill out- even if its just wondering around touching/ observing or even just sitting, watching. I think that we are all part of the web of life and positive thoughts not only change how WE feel but also the environment of which we are a part.So it would stand to reason that it works both ways and lets face it there is so much that science has not yet found an explanation for. There are certain place that for no apparent reason either make you feel good or bad.I will be interested in following this thread too. Thanks Wazza for starting it. :tup:


    Something interesting is happening for me after reading this thread.I am even more “attached” to my garden, and even more respectful of what happens in it.Seriously,perhaps I should talk nicely to the rats…………..I have always loved working in my circular mandala, not least the considerable physical effort and satisfaction of setting it up from an expanse of kikuyu – six 4.5m diameter beds around the same size herb circle with an apricot tree in the centre of that. The mandela design was originally purely to have chooks in a dome to do all the basic ground prep, but to me now the design is much more significant.I like the “no beginning and no end” aspect to the circles and the paths.I know that a true mandala – a circle enclosing a square – is a mystic symbol for the universe.I guess mine is a square – the fence- enclosing a circle but the basic idea is still there.Just walking through the gate is calming.Thanks Wazza.


    Alanna Moore has written a book called “Stone Age Farming” which itemises some of these practises. There’s another book whose title I have forgotten that is also very good. And biodynamic farming certainly falls into this category as well

    edited to add, “The Secrets of the Soil” is the name of the other absolutely fabulous book


    Thanks ml.After Googling I saw that “Sensitive Permaculture” is also an Allana Moore book.Now I’m off to Google “Secrets of the Soil”.


    I guess you’ve read Alanna Moore’s book Stone Age Farming? I’ve had her run workshops here on dowsing and towers – very interesting indeed.

    There was also a component of radionics, paramagnatism etc in a Certificiate of Sustainable Agriculture I did a few years ago, although the workshop facilitators breezed over it.

    At our Dec Permaculture meeting here in Eudlo we’re having a talk on homeopathy in the garden which will be interesting and a little different.


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