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Empty Nest

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    My nest is empty.

    My final chick has flown the coop.

    On Friday my 22yr old baby boy moved out. He bought a lovely little house with his long term GF and set up home.

    Am I sad?????? HECK NO!!!!!:lol:

    I have had kids around since I was 18 yrs old, more than 30yrs.

    I have raised 3 wonderful, responsible, kind, honest, hard working young adults who are now all making there way in the world under their own steam and I am proud as punch of all of them.:hug:

    BUT now it is MY time.:tup:

    First thing to do is turn my sons room into my own personal sanctuary.

    DH has his shed and now I will have my own personal space as well.

    Sewing, yoga, reading…..whatever I want.

    I am so excited about the next phase of my life and I turn 50 next year and am pretty excited about that too!:tup:


    woo hoo – sounds like you have the right attitude – I hate these women who get maudlin about their wee babies leaving home …


    They will be backkkkk.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Good for you Michelle-sm.. everyone has their way of dealing with these personal moments in life & it sounds like you have a great handle on it :tup:


    Yep Michelle-sm, go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ccBear I have always loved that my kids feel that there is always a warm welcome and open arms at ‘home’. AND that it is still called ‘home’.

    I reckon that’s what families are all about, love and warm welcomes for all, no matter when, why, how or what.

    And THEN one day they will be there to take care of Mr. Bobbs and me……..even if that does mean we will be tied to the bed or table leg….. 😆 😆 😆

    BOT…..Michelle-sm you will so enjoy doing what you want when you want and having some extra cash to save or spend on whatever. Have fun and have a go at doing all the things you couldn’t before TKLH. :tup::tup::tup:



    P’raps that should be when, why, how or who!!!!!!!


    sue esue e

    yay.michell-sm our oldest (23) keeps talking about it but doesn’t seem to happen.I know i will miss their company but it’s great to see them taking their place in the world and that’s how it should be. we figure that if they are all still here in a couple of years when DH retires we are gonna move out .get that room sorted out quick smart and start doing all your favourite things. i did that with DD’s room when she converted the garage into her personal domain but everyone sees it as a place to dump their unwanted( but still keeping) crap.;)


    change the locks – they will return. I had three months earlier this year, then back she came.


    change the locks – they will return.

    Eldest DD came back 3 times but I’m pretty sure she’s gone for good now.

    Younger DD left at 18 and has never been back. Now 10 years, a husband, 2 kids and 4 houses later I doubt she’ll be back.

    I doubt DS will be back, he is very independant and has his head screwed on the right way.

    michell-sm our oldest (23) keeps talking about it but doesn’t seem to happen

    We told DS that 23 was the cut off age, if he didn’t move out we would throw him out.

    He is a great kid but we felt that if we let him just take the easy route by letting him live at home we wouldn’t be doing him any favours. It was time to make him stand on his own two feet and we new if he was given an ultimatum he would rise to the challenge.

    He saved $25K in 18 months for his house deposit because he was determined he wasn’t going to rent.

    I have friends at work who have let their kids stay on and it has got to the point where they don’t think they will ever be able to move out and cope on their own, I didn’t want that to happen to my son.


    Sounds like a sensible approach Michelle. They do need a bit of persuasion if they are too comfy and it is part of your job as a parent to urge them to independence. As you say,you aren’t doing them any favours by allowing them to stay unless they have target goal in sight and are demonstrably working toward it.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    I really had a ball when my kids left home. I love them so much, but, it is my time. Finally.

    I love to see them when they visit and am a bit sad when they go home. But they are both happy and settled and successful in their worlds, so I am content that I did the best I could.


    No problems with my two they have to call it home because most of their gear is still here. At lest it ensures they do come home. Going to be a great Christmas with both of them home.


    😆 congrats for getting your space back now after a long ‘service’, eh?

    My in-laws gave their kids till they’re 30 before they’ll be booted out of family home. My DH left before he was 23, my SIL left when she was about 25 and their oldest brother got married only 6 months before his 30th and moved out! :rol:

    We intent to do similar with our kids – I left home at 19 and never went back. I’ve thought 25 yo is a good cutoff age anyway.

    Looking forward to see what you’ll be doing now with all the space and time!

    Enjoy! :hug:


    Congratulations Michelle. It’s a bitter-sweet moment. Enjoy your time until the grandchildren arrive and you’re babysitting every 5 minutes. 😆


    Well done, Michelle-sm.:clap::clap: Enjoy!

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