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    porgey wrote:

    Greth, A large majority of the population dont need tax payer funded Medicare. No one can convince me that ex PM Keating needs medicare, TV mogul Kerry Stokes needs Medicare. Does ABC 774 “DJ” Jon Faine need medicare? Do people earning a $150,000 income need medicare? The system should be an affordable safety net for those who are in genuine need not the wealthy who should pay there way.

    Porgey, Medicare is a universal system based on a sliding tax scale the more you earn the more you pay…….Pensioners do not pay the levy or income tax unless they have other income which takes them above the threshold, Of course the likes of keating and Stokes don’t need it, nor do i think they use it, however they do pay more for it and if you take those people out of the system it would” go broke” and the country couldn’t afford health Medicare…….Do we want to end up like America???

    The three hour rule may well affect school children, but it’s there to offer some protection , albeit a small one, to the many, many casual workers that can’t get full time work…..Imagine a casual worker travelling an hour to work, for one hours work!!. The system does need to be changed but more for the benefit of workers not the Bosses


    If you pay 1.5% of your taxable income as a medicare levy, surely you are entitled to something for that. I myself, of course pay the medicare levy and pay into a private health fund also. It irks me that I seem to pay for any health service twice.


    Herbman wrote:

    Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered. It’s not a vote winer

    Thanks Herbman

    As you may already know the Greens do openly support Gay & Lesbian rights ( sorry the other 2 letters threw me and I couldnt understand what you were talking about :shy: ) but I can never see a right wing party doing so 🙁 so I appreciate your problem.

    The Greens are undoubtedly left of Labor but to me I wouldnt have called us Socialist eg not like the Socialist Alliance. I would just have said that Social Justice and workers rights are one of our very important principals :shrug: just my opinion everyone looks at it differently



    Lady B wrote: Well being a childless, unmarried, Welsh red-head (albeit with the help of a bottle), myself, there’s at least one of those who’s looking pretty good as far as I’m concerned

    Barb – you are looking much prettier than the other red-head in question :kiss:


    Not being terribly religious, I might have this wrong

    Didn’t Christ gather from the “haves” (loaves & fishes) and distribute it to all according to need (the 5000)

    Isn’t this socialism in it’s most basic form?

    How can any pollie claim to be a “christian” and not be a member of the socialist party?


    Lady B, I havent known of your existence for as long as I have known about the other redhead, never even seen a pic of you, but I have enormously far more trust and respect for you than I ever will for her!

    Ugh and to think she was in an area where she could just as easily have gone to my high school…

    Still, havent had cause to change my opinion of Unley High students!!


    porgey wrote:

    For the Labor Government, OUR Government, to be borrowing $100,000,000 every day …

    Cheers porgey. 😀


    Do you know of any source for this figure other than the Liberal Party. I can’t find one, but it’s hard to find precise enough search terms. I also can’t find the party’s sources for it: I assume they didn’t just pull it out of the air.


    Lady Bee

    Aw shucks, guys :shy:

    How can any pollie claim to be a “christian” and not be a member of the socialist party?

    Will you be asking Mr Abbott that? It could prompt a very interesting response indeed.

    I guess this means that Robin Hood was a Christian. Our governmental system could therefore loosely be described as Christian. We take from the rich (taxes) and give to the poor (welfare) although in a far more convoluted form of course.

    Every time I see Tony Abbott in a crowd, I expect some little tubby bloke called Lou to yell out “Hey! Abbott” Much as I wouldn’t like it, it would be rather fun to have Tony Abbott as PM and Peter Costello as Deputy. Would make for some great cartoon fun.

    I live in an electorate that’s pretty died in the bum Liberal. Sophie Mirabella is the member and has been for a while. I don’t (as yet) even know who’s running against her, but whoever they may be, they’ll be getting my vote. Couple of reasons – not fussed on Liberal policies (or lack of) and Sophie has done some things locally that have damaged local industry.


    I dont think it matters if you have green hair, a fat bum, 3 tits, 1 testicle, droopy ears, a crooked nose, collect antique clocks, are a cricket tragic, or you thank god that your an atheist(?). Its your role as an elected politician and how you govern and lead Australia that counts. Being a confident person who has clear and precise policies for a sustainable Australia and is accountable for those policies is what matters to me.

    The greatest problem with the Westminster system of government is party politics. If we could have a more consensus style of government that would be terrific. Having a third party, plus independents, in the Senate having the balance of power is a great help but there is still so much time, money, & resources that is wasted on totally unproductive inter party battles.

    So far in this campaign the Labour / Union attack on Abbott’s Workchoices past has helped deflect attention away from Labours shortcomings. This tactic will soon lose its sheen and proper scrutiny of Labour will rightly happen. Its early days. Disapointed that there is only one leaders debate and that Bob Brown is not included.

    Currently the Greens have my Senate vote all tied up but I am still undecided who I will vote for in the lower house. My local member is Liberal Greg Hunt (aka Mike by some) who I find intelligent, competent & likeable. I look forward to sussing out the other candidates.


    Progey wrote: The greatest problem with the Westminster system of government is party politics.

    Hear Hear!!! It’s not unusual for the government of the day to refuse to pass a certain Bill just because the Opposition introduced it into the House. Even if the government of the day had been working towards the same Bill but had not yet introduced it. To me that just shows that there is no such thing as responsible government – it’s all just politics for politics’ sake.

    It’s a ridiculous situation. :@


    Unfortunately Italy has a lot more independents and minor parties, and its unbelievable the sorts of deals which have to be made to put together a govt majority. That doesn’t work well either, and its good to have ministries like health, education where a single person can actually become something of an expert in the field, without having to contribute much to subjects they know nothing about.


    I hear you both so I suppose the best system is two party in lower house (Government) and a third party plus independents having balance of power in the Senate. The status quo remains. Well the politician or political party that stands up and says he/she/they will stop carping at there opponents will go along way to winning my respect and vote.


    Just a quick update following a new policy release by Tony Abbott. He has announced policy for more education funding that matches and exceeds that promised by the government. It now appears that both parties are so alike in many policy areas that crucial differences on sustainability become the issue.

    As the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate and will always put good environmental & social policies first, would it not be better to have a government who are better proven economic managers?


    I don’t think it matters if you have green hair, a fat bum, 3 tits, 1 testicle, droopy ears, a crooked nose…..

    Where I live porgey, if someone like that stood for the Nationals they’d win in a landslide. Even Osama bin Laden would get in, as long as he was National on the ballot paper. It’s lonely being a Green out here in a sea of blue!


    I just remembered that there are two houses in federal parliament. Sorry – after years working in State government here in Qld I sometimes forget about the bicarmel (sp) federal system. *slaps forehead* We only have one house up here.

    Porgey – you are evil – you have me discussing politics after promising not to 😉 :geek: :tongue:

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