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Egg drought broken 138 days

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    I have 3 Wyandotte bantam hens that last laid around 22 Feb (hatched 15 Mar). Today I heard a cackle and sure enough an egg. Was worried the dog or gonna was finding eggs before I did. Is that the normal timing and length of a break in egg production? I am alternating pellets and mixed grain and they free range in 20m x 20m so don’t think protein is an issue. Two of them were broody (alpha took over from another hen sitting), but still seems a long gap.




    That does sound excessive, my hens and ducks never go that long without laying unless they are very old.  Did your wyandottes lay well prior to this egg drought?  I have a few thoughts that may help, or I may be on the wrong track entirely.

    Do you worm your hens?  If so when were they last wormed?  If not, do you use anything such as garlic in the water to help worm them?

    Also, how long were the two broody?  Is it possible that they lost a lot of condition whilst being broody?  We had silkies years ago and one was broody for about 10 weeks and weighed next to nothing when she finally stopped.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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