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    Hi! I’m new here.

    We use eenee compostables nappies and eenee undies , love them! here in Melbourne we have a collection service

    But it’s $20 a month

    What would be the best way I could dispose of them

    Also is there anyone else here using eenees or other Eco friendly

    Contince products for adults with special needs ,cloth too.

    Someone needs to create and adult size Eco nappy!!!

    Never mind babies using nappies for a few years there are many that need them for a lifetime!!

    🙂 tips or advice would be fantastic



    Hello and welcome to als.


    i found a couple of eenees at the op shop, and used them a few times, but with cloth inserts becuase. i fgured the dispoasble inserts were no better than using degradable nappies?? anyway i didnt like them much, found they leaked. So i used joel-eeze naps from NZ.. all cloth.

    maybe try googling the ‘big people’ nappies. to see if anyone makes them.

    Or if you ask someone who makes cloth naps for babies, they may be willing to make huge ones?


    Welcome to ALS Redgreen. :wave: Many good,caring people on here,all willing to share their experiences.Hope you enjoy being here.



    I use cloth on my kids and I also sometimes use the eenees compostable as well and these I just put into our own compost bin, if they are soiled I try to remove the poo and then put them in and if too bad sadly they just go in the bin. I have attached a couple of links to maybe give you some other options for cloth use. The second one even has a pattern you can download so if you or someone you know could sew you some it might be a lot cheaper then getting them premade and you might be able to use the eenee compostable pads in them. Welcome to ALS there are so many nice people on here and are full of great info.


    Thanks Everyone for your kind welcomes and replys

    I’m glad I found this site and community as I’m very passionate about simple green living, peace and happiness

    hope you are all having a nice Sunday 🙂

    Does anyone knows what the best nappy powder solution would be for washing out bigger peoples cloth nappies

    I guess it would pretty much be the same as babies really?



    Hi Redgreen, it’s nice to meet you. :wave:


    HI redgreen and welcome!

    I’ve recently read somewhere – maybe over at down to earth down to earth, that people making their own laundry powder often just used borax for soaking nappies. I remember I used to muy an eco-friendly soaker (which now come to think of it, was probably just mostly borax anyway!)

    good luck

    Nature Girl

    Have you tried just cloth menstrual pads – I’m not sure if it’s for a male or female big person but I’ve heard you can use them for mild incontinence, I can’t say how they go for incontinence personally but I can vouch that they are awesomely absorbent for periods. They obviously all come as girly prints though being designed for women but maybe someone who makes them could do something custom for you if it’s for a guy?

    I got mine from cloth pad shop, you should just be able to google it to find it and I’ve only bought the happy pads ones but I’ve seen others there that are also maternity pads etc that would probably be even more absorbent.


    I used to make my own label of cloth nappies. Which were brilliant, of course! With the modern cloth fabrics, you don’t need to soak them at all. Just throw them in the wash with your normal washing powder & that’s it. Any poo would have been squirted off with the Little Squirt attachment in the loo. You would do the same for incontinence pants.

    If you sew or know someone who does, I have a few metres of hemp fabric here that I can sell you cheaply that are leftovers from my nappy making days.

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