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Edible front yard plantings.

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    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    We have pomegranates in the front yard, an olive tree and a quince. We have also recently planted a weeping mulberry. Oh, and we have new grapevines on a trellis and a lemon tree. This is all along with rosemary, lavender, roses and daisies. 

    We DON’T have any grass in the front.
    Lots of people who come here, want to talk to us about growing food: I am happy that they can see from the street that we are doing this, and we are happy to share.
    I also have styrofoam boxes down the driveway with wicking beds in them -growing herbs etc.

    Sounds good
    Foam boxes are magic for wicking beds
    Have you seen the Gardening Australia episode with them in it


    no mowing, – is what I want to achieve, can’t get away from it fully in the back, some grass has to stay there, but want my front yard to be no mow
    it only takes 15mins to do anyway lol – but oh how I hate mowing


    Ive been mow free since 83

    I run the whipper snipper over this 2 or 3 time a tear for a tidy up all my other places lost the grass almost instantly
    Ive never owned a mower but was thinking of getting one to mow the empty blocks near me for free mulch
    Now I just wait for the lawn mower guy and start raking

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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