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Eczema on kids

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    Oh I forgot sunscreens definitely use a hypoallergenic one.


    My youngest has terrible excema. It seems to come and go a little bit (well, the severity of it anyway) but there is ALWAYS some part of him that’s itching.

    It’s been, and still is!, very hard to sort out. When he was about 18 months we went to a paediatric allergist with him. We had all the skin prick tests for food/non-environmental allergens – and he came back negative for every single one. APparently no allergies.

    At that point we had already determined that cow’s milk and related dairy products were making it worse, so despite there being no official allergy we kept him off dairy. He was still breastfeeding at that point so I mostly stayed off dairy too.

    The allergist was essentially a pompous rude A$$hole who insulted both my decision to continue breastfeeding at that age, and my children’s haircuts – and refused to even speak to me if my husband was in the room. Needless to say we never went back there.

    Over the last 3 years (he’ll be 5 in 4 weeks) we have tried almost every cream on the block. I go for natural ones predominantly. SYnthetic anything seems to flare it up so he wears mostly cotton and wool. (Lanolin was actually one cream which helped a lot a while back in his case so I know wool isn’t going to be an issue for him!)

    I have just bought a more expensive eco-washing liquid in an effort to try and clear it up some more. I have noticed my eldest seems to be getting a bit of excema where his shirt sits on his neck lately too so I’m wondering if the household has developed a sensitivity to the stuff we have been using.

    I’m also right on the verge of cutting out wheat for the youngest. It’s not going to be an easy thing to do because he really is our carbohydrate kid – he’s the one who would happily eat nothing but bread and sausages and more bread and biscuits – but at the moment his excema is almost like a total body glove and it is just disgusting for him.

    Hrm this is turning out to be a long story LOL

    Andy – very hard when it’s not your own kid. If the excema isn’t TOO bad, I like to use a cream called “Hope’s Releif” – it’s all natural, homeopathic and has manuka honey and other good stuff in it. I’ts kinda brown and doesn’t look lovely but it does work. You can order it online – and when my then 2 yr old opened the jar and ate half of it, I jumped onto the website and sent out an urgent inquiry but the reply I got was “yes, it does taste nice doesn’t it – he’ll be fine!!!” along with a free replacement jar.

    The only thing about it is it does sting a bit when first applied if the excema is quite scratched up. So being careful with that helps. I don’t use it at the moment because the 4 yr old knows it stings and won’t let me near him with the stuff.

    Another thing I’ve found helps out is an organic cold=pressed calendula extract in organic grape seed oil that I got from Roseneath Organics. It’s quite light and moisturising without any nasties at all.




    I have to add my 2 cents worth (we’ll round that up to 5 cents for ease, shall we?)

    My 10 month old had shocking eczema and cradle cap from about 2 months – he loved the bath but screamed when we tried to dress him.

    What we have eventually found helped is – QV sensitive bath oil and QV sensitive moisturiser (which sometimes hurt as well, but mostly not)… then I tried taking Aloe Vera juice (as he’s breast fed) which is often useful for eczema (sorts out your insides, which as others have attested often sorts out the outside) and that helped for a while too… and then Omega 3 fish oils for the Essential Fatty Acids which help moisturise his skin from the inside – My MIL also bought the Billie Goat’s soap, which is expensive ($8) but seemed to make an immediate difference.

    He no longer cries or itches himself raw – thankfully.

    I actually think his flare ups happen when he’s having a “teething episode”… but I’ve also noted that sometimes he’ll get hives around his mouth after eating certain foods… i.e. tomatoes particularly, so we’ve put them off for another couple of months and will try again then.

    I wish you all the best and hope that your son will accept your advice for his daughter’s sake!

    regards, Kalex


    Interesting thread. My son (<2) also has very bad eczema. I can testify that the goats milk soap never worked at all with him, and he exclusively drinks goats milk too.

    He has recently had a very bad outbreak around his mouth which we were trying to link to his alergies, but after reading this thread I’m suspecting it is his bedding material that had been changed recently, from cotton to fleece.

    Thanks for the info.



    My little guy suffered from it terribly as a baby – it was heartbreaking seeing his big blue eyes peeping out at me from such inflamed, sore, chubby little cheeks.

    I found the best thing was to totally cut out any soap from his baths (none of that J&J crap). I also put a stocking full of oats in his bath – that seemed to give him some relief and soften his skin. I can also second Hopes Relief – terrific stuff.

    For the majortiy of my kids baths and showers now it’s just plain old water – a little bit of natural soap if they need a really good scrub, but definitely no bubble bath or shower gel etc.

    He’s four now and doesn’t have a patch on him. Poor little princess, hope she grows out of it.


    I actually found it worse when the skin was dry. Dry skin is itchy and will crack and bleed so a good, bland moisturiser was important for me.


    My firstborn had (what I thought to be) horribly bad excema. I took him for allergic testing … came up sensitive to just about everything. Hmmm … that didn’t really help.

    What I know (coming from a long lineage of allergic folk … lucky us :|).

    Skin irritants:

    Sheeps wool fibre is a definate irritant. Commercial soap (the stoopidmarket stuff) is devoid of glycerine and is also an irritant, however homemade soap can be quite beneficial (more on that in a moment).

    The product the child is bathed in, and especially (even more important, because it sits on the skin for longer) the product the childs clothes are washed in is important. Not really meaning to be brand specific, except to say that biozet is the best non-skin reactive one I’ve found (I still double-rinse, even so).

    The clothing itself is critical … anything that doesn’t breath, will cause excema to a greater or lesser degree. Anything that causes even the mildest sweat will also cause problems. Pure cotton, hemp is good. Avoid polyester if you can – bedding – avoid wool and polyester (tall order, but it helps immensly to reduce the irritants to the skin).

    Oils to apply:

    I would avoid sorbaline like the plague … sounds good, mostly isn’t. Olive oil is sort of ok.

    The VERY best treatment (after the excema event) I’ve found are Advocado oil and Jojoba Oil … both of those, in their pure, cold-pressed form, sooth the skin without contact burn/irritation, and have a high content of Vitamin E (useful for skin healing, so they not only sooth, but help repair). Rose hip essential oil (it has to be very good, which is somewhat expensive) is also excellent for soothing and skin repair.

    Back to the soap … if you can find someone that will make you an olive oil based soap, with oils of advocado and rosehip and jojoba … then you are a long way to getting a cleansing product (that contains it’s original glycerin, which is mostly missing from commercial soaps) … I made such a soap for my son (who was diagnosed allergic to soap), and it, combined with the removal of skin irritants, stopped his excema from occurring.

    A … herbman, I’m due to make another batch (just waiting for my on-order pharmacetical grade stainless tray-mould) … if you like, I will send you some. In the meantime, a small bottle of jojoba (the closest oil to skin sebum that I know of) will probably help immensly – apply sparingly (just enough to lightly grease the skin … almost guarantee it won’t sting) :kiss:


    Both of my children (twins) had eczema to some degree when they were younger (now 4y.o.) and all the advice and products we were told to try (by childrens hospital) made things much worse.

    The good news is they both grew out of it sometime between 2 and 3 y.o. , (although I still use specific products which helps)

    I know there is a lot of advice already but this is just what worked for us anyway –

    NO petrochemical based skin products – DEFINITELY NO SORBOLENE – this made my kids scream, it used to sting them so much. Also things like chickweed ointments and paw paw can be petrochem based – you have to shop around to find the ones that aren’t.

    Trilogy make a product called ‘everything balm’ – its excellent – we use it for dry skin, rashes, lip balm, scrapes…. etc. Pricey but lasts forever. No reactions at all.

    All of those products like QV and pinetarsal (sp?) made my kids much worse as well.

    SLS- free shampoo, and I only wash their hair weekly unless its really dirty.

    No bath products, just goat milk soap if you really need to.

    Jojoba oil is good too.

    I use my own laundry gloop (the recipe that is on here somewhere) as the commercial powders were way too harsh.

    Hope you find your solution soon, its no fun, but it will get better once you find the right products / dump the problem ones.


    Thank you so much for the advice. It has given me a lot of information that I can pass on to DS. He is very worried about his dear little girl. Poor buddy.


    I have a really embarrassing situation – someone very kindly sent me some goat and olive oil soaps. However, this lovely person only put her real name on the package. Silly me lost the PMs about it.

    So to the very kind person, thank you so much. DS is trying it out so I will see how he’s going with it later tonight when he stops by.

    I am so sorry that I don’t recognise the ALS name against the real one. Am terrible with names :noapprove:

    I thought it better to embarrass myself this way than to not say thank you.


    As a 50 year sufferer of eczema (I got to trial the “ego” range of products back in the early 60’s:tdown::p)

    Herbman is correct COTTON is GOOD!!!

    commercial soap is NOT good

    Any soap made with Olive / Rice Bran /Sunflower oil is great makes a good shampoo also.

    For washing gloop make soap with rice bran oil & lard let it go hard, grate about 250gram dissolve in 2l of warm water add 50g borax 100g washing soda, top up with 10l of water


    i suffer from contact dermatitis from synthetic clothing ,black hair dye :/ and also nickel allergy

    for me chickweed gel , no soap!!!, bi carb soda in my bath keep it at bay

    both of my kids get eczema my boy was the worst but it has got better as he grows ! the BEST thing out for eczema after spending ALOT of money buying every natural thing out , diet eliminations,QV, hamiltons, even cortisone is pearl cream its very expensive (as its made from pearls) but it is just magical and worth every cent the one our chemist sells is called Dr Zhu’s pearl cream

    i made my son clap his hands from a very young age every time i saw him scratch ! works a treat but i found myself out of habit telling a lady on the bus to clap one day when she scratched her hands

    also some oatmeal tied up in a piece of muslin in the bath can be quite soothing !


    I found some stuff called Moo Goo, this really helped me when I was having a bad run.

    I now use it as a moisturiser all the time and find I’ve been free of the dreaded scratching since doing that

    The company also makes soaps but I dont use soap so cant comment on them.

    They are a good compant to deal with and will mail out.

    just google moo goo for info.

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