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Eczema on kids

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    My little 2yo grand daughter has eczema. DS and his gf take her to the doctors all the time for it and get given lotions & potions, but nothing seems to work for her. She’s always scratching, which makes it worse. They try using moisturiser but that just stings and then she cries 🙁

    Does anyone have any tips for what might help eczema on a 2yo?

    What causes eczema?

    Sorry – am sure I could google all this, but nothing like first hand information …




    Try Goat Soap. I have never needed it but I have heard it’s great. Billy Goat soap is made by a mother who has kids with eczema problems


    Calomine lotion works to soothe the affected area and helps dry out the skin (lotions and moisturisers make it worse). It will be an allergic reaction of some sort. Predisposition to Excema is in the same syndrome as hives and hayfever – it is an allergic response. For me it was tomatoes and cows milk. Got rid of both from the diet – problem solved (though we did end up with a rather large herd of dairy goats:lol: ).

    take her to an allergist and have her tested to see what the triggers are. It is a horrible thing. I still get the occasional twinge in a joint area that makes me afraid it is coming back, and this after quite a few decades of no problems …


    Sorry to hear she’s suffering, eczema’s horrible.

    As for what causes it, there are some common triggers, but it could be an allergic reaction to anything really.

    Have you heard of the Failsafe diet? Sue Dengate’s work studying the effects of both artificial and natural food chemicals is amazing, and rather than try and explain it, here’s a link to her webpage on excema.

    It can seem like a lot of work to find the triggers, but once you do it makes life so much easier. :hug:


    Is is serious/all-over? Life improves a lot when you stop crap from coming in to contact with it. A 2 year old in Qld might need a bit of soap to clean her feet in the evening, but everything else can be washed with plain water. My idea of a mild shampoo is a watered down version, or a ‘natural’ shampoo, and probably still watered down. Moisturisers can be agony on raw eczema, as can the hydrocortisone creams. I vividly remember running around our house screaming the first time we applied that :noapprove: which was promptly followed by me washing it off 😆 It is my opinion, and experience, that there is little point fighting it with band-aids designed to get rid of the symptoms. It’s the cause that needs to be addressed. That may be diet related, but is more likely to be a contact-allergy; something that is getting on to her skin. The lanolin in pure wool is a typical allergen, along with biological ‘enzyme’ laundry powders. Pure soap (such as Lux) is terrible with some people too.


    All good advice herbman

    My kids and i suffered from exmas/dermatitus which was Food and to a degree contact/smell induced. None of us were allergic to anything but we r intollerant of lots n lots n lots.

    Once we fixed what was going inside , the outsides of our bodies started to get better too.

    We went thru RPA allergy and imunollogy clinic , but failsafe is almost exactly the same but my kids cant have all she says r safe as its not quite for my kids.

    Friendly foods , is another book that is about food issues that can cause all sorts of isseues with ppl and kids.

    Good luck with getting it sorted for the poor little dear.

    it must b agony for her.

    * just a note .. if they try the elimination diet , dont expect it to clear up overnight, u need to b on it 4 at least 6 weeks to see the full benefits.

    Cheers Kate


    What do they use in her bath Andy? Most of the young ones use liquid bubbly stuff which is no good. Just water is enough at her age. Also check the detergent for washing clothes, there are hypo-allergenic ones around now. Could be something she is eating? I used to get eczema on the inside of my elbows. Chickweed ointment was the only thing that worked for me back then but I didn’t know not to use crappy soap.


    Andy, I have been an eczema sufferer all my life and now my poor nephew has the same skin as me 🙁 – all good advice above. couple to add that have made

    1. The only place you need soap is between the legs, under your arms and your feet – all else is a water and flannel – I’ve been doing this for 30+ years and I tell you it works.

    2. If you MUST use soap, olive & laurel soap soothes and seems to treat eczema, dermatitas and psyrosis (spelling I know!)

    3. Sorbolene cream – use it every day – do not use creams with perfumes ever ever – they just aggravate it.

    4. Cotton – not wool & not synthetics – for some reason wool and synthetics aggravate the skin.

    Lastly, fresh air and a bit of sun (not burn) but just sunshine seem to help the skin breathe.

    I hope it helps cause I know just how damn rotten & painful eczema is :rip: (was even hospitalised once because of it – was a teenager & too embarressed to see the doctor til it was too late 😆 ).


    DH and I get it but it presents differently in both of us and has different triggers.

    Mine is stress related – too much stress, out it pops – I get blisters on the feet which itch and then flake. DH is affected mainly by dairy products – he can tolerate some but if he has dairy everyday, his skin flares up – red blotches which itch. Our son has an allergy to 600 numbers in foods – after eating just a small amount, he gets intensely itchy hives for up to two weeks after.

    We have found that FAILSAFE (as noted above) did wonders for many problems, not just the skin but also behaviour in our child. Let me know, Andy, if you want to borrow any of the resources – I have them.

    We also have a homeopathic treatment (prescribed professionally) oral drops and also a cream. This works well too.

    Also our acupuncturist has us taking wheatgrass powder twice a day in water. It has no taste and helps with the itching.

    Weleda Calendula Cream is also good and soothing.

    Make put whole, organic oats into a laundry bag and place in a warm bath for soothing relief of itching.

    Some don’ts:

    Steroidal creams are really only a short term fix. I have damaged skin on my feet from over prescribed steroidal creams.

    Letting it dry out can make it worse too – find a cream that works and keep applying it.

    Poor thing. It’s terrible to watch, I know. DH was in and out of hospital with it as a child and our son has had some bad days with his. I have had times where walking was painful. I feel for her. :hug:

    Kais Mummy

    My nearly 2 year old suffers from it time to time,we use goats milk soap for him and no bubble baths or perfumed soaps……the goat milk soap is lovely,we all use it!

    sewing lady

    My son was alergic to dairy and a few other things. Such as washing powder and soap ,yeast,dust, ect.

    All his food had to be made from scratch and he drank soy milk.

    He grew out of it by the time he was six, so there is hope.

    Good luck.


    Hmmm …

    diet full of preservatives – tick

    bubbly soap – tick

    glad to know moisturiser is bad – they thought it might help b/c her skin is so dry

    Will pass on the advice. I should note that I am not in a position to tell DS how to feed etc his kids. I can only provide the advice and hope they follow. I suspect the diet advice will not be taken because they have quite disgusting eating habits themselves :noapprove:

    I’ll suggest that they find an alergist or get a referral from their GP.

    Hopefully it clears up. Poor little dear – she’s a happy kid except the eczema


    yep, nothing like a few tablets to avoid having to change your diet …:lol:

    Burra Maluca

    My son developed eczema when he was about a year old. It turned out he was allergic to cow’s milk and sheep’s milk. We both did an exclusion diet and reintroduced foods one at a time to find what his triggers were. He’s now nearly 14 and not quite grown out of it, but if he avoids milk, he’s fine.


    Hi herbman

    I’ve had it all my life bad as a kid. Mostly under control now. It’s a hard on to deal with as triggers vary so much. You will get heaps of contradictory advice from my experience just try what seems sensible and continue using the things that work. These can change over time as well it is not unusual for a “safe” shampoo etc to become irritating after a while when for some reason you become sensitised to it.

    For me I learnt at about 32 that I am extremely sensitive to gluten, preservatives are bad and moulds are triggers.

    For me some of the following have helped

    Use 100% cotton sheets are a must, no poly/cotton (these feel unbearably hot) and flannelete sheets are irritating.

    I can’t stand sorbalene cream even if unscented, I’d rather deal with dry skin. I find calmurid (urea/lactic acid based) cream from the chemist really useful but this may sting a bit for a little one.

    You do need to be cautious with the prescription creams but sometimes they can be really useful particularly in settling down an acute flare up.

    Do use hypoallergenic washing powder. I remember once my mum changed powders, I was so itchy from it I literally got up in the middle of the night, dug out sheets from the bottom of the pile in the linen closet and changed them so I could get some sleep. They can be a little more expensive maybe offer to buy some a gift for the kids to try.

    It would be well worth finding a good allergist to check out for specific allergies that may be triggers. As knowing what to avoid can be half the battle. My friends little boy who is 3 who is sensitive to dairy always asks are they “itchy bikkies” before he will try them, so even the littlest kids can help avoid the triggers if they are aware.

    Good luck.

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