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Eco San composting toilet

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    Does anyone have one or know anything about them ?

    we are thinking of getting one for our extension …….. they seem to be too good o be true


    Do you know the price of it? Couldn’t find that on the site.

    A friend has one, not this particular brand, but it works the same, except they have to hand crank it from outside every few days, it doesn’t self crank like this one seems to. As far as I know they have had no problems with it.


    Thanks Misty

    dont know the price yet either he didnt answer my inquiry ……but there is a second hand one in the quokka for $1600

    we were going to have a Nature loo but too many problem putting it under a concrete slab …… we have one already in the existing part of the house but that part was a transportable

    do you know what brand your friends is ?


    we found they were tardy in replying, and could give no indication as to reliability of or going service or what happens if you need to pull it apart for a blockage, poo all over the ground maybe.

    nature loo have a free standing model now



    I think it may be an ecoflo model.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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