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    Another activity my kids like is felt. I made a cheap felt board with some plyboard covered with felt squares. I’ve cut up people shapes, clothes, cars, bags, shapes etc – however far your imagine can stretch. It doesn’t take much to clean up because there’s no glue etc. And you can buy felt fairly cheaply from the cheap shops.

    My kids LOVE their sandpit too. It’s one of the few places they play together without fighting.

    Mega blocks are great too and they last until they’re quite old.


    sure is a beauty! and you’ll take all day to go from station to station 😀


    My second little daughter would often only sleep in a sling, took the older old and went for looong walks around the property with baby fast asleep. Gosh my legs were strong then! Now I can hardly leave the house as baby is 2 too big to carry, tpp small to walk far, country is too hilly and rocky for a pram.

    Dont think I really did anything special to keep the older one occupied while baby was feeding, and sometimes she would insist on 5 hour stretches of feeding. But there were plenty of activities around, toys and books and the sandpit. and you can sing and talk.


    How about making wrapping paper, they can draw, paint or what ever. Potato stamping is fun, bubble painting parts of it. Good for birthdays and xmass.


    hard to supervise anything with paint while breast feeding, Id say, paint is only used here while the toddler sleeps.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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