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    Hello all.

    We rarely find much of interest on TV these days so have been watching and re-watching some of our favourite DVDs.

    We’d realy love to get some more to add to our small collection so if anyone has any they wouldn’t mind parting with we would gladly pay for them.

    There are a few that come to mind that we would like to see but please feel to add to the list.

    Simple Living

    Dirt the movie

    My dream Farm

    It’s not easy being green

    Wild fermentation

    Polyface Farm

    We haven’t seen any of these so they may or may not be worth watching and please don’t hestiate to add your opinion if you would or would not recommend any.

    We are interested in anything to do with simple sustainable living and farms.

    Would even appreciate if some could just be suggested to us to add to the wish list.

    We have

    The River Cottage series

    Jimmy’s Farm

    Victorian Farm

    Edwardian Farm

    Thank you all in advance


    Hi COB… save your $$ .. and trade some seeds perhaps?

    See if anything here is of interest …


    Thanks for the list of titles

    I watched Jimmys farm on youtube yesterday, it was good.

    I also watched a doco online, called We The Tiny House People, it was about downsizing and living simply.

    Im also about to watch No Impact Man.


    I loved River Cottage but we downloaded it so dont have it in DVD form.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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