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DVD-Seed exchange

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    You are wonderful chap Andre. :hug:

    I would really like River Cottage and Grand Designs please, if that is ok. And anything else you have along those lines if you need to fill a disc or think I should see something. :shrug:

    You should have my address but if not, yell and I will pm you. I use a pc.

    Thanks you heaps. 🙂


    PS: Are there specific seeds you would like in exchange or will I get up a ‘mixed bag’ for you?


    Humbug post=354749 wrote: Ummmm …

    You’re mad & I’m not 😛

    Says you … 😆


    Hi Andre

    Please sir may I have a copy of


    Dirt- the movie


    Food Inc

    The Future of food

    The Expotential function


    Zetgeist Addendum

    what you have on survival and urban or small scale permaculture,if you have the movie contagen(sp) that would be wonderful as well.I will pm you my address.




    HT and COB

    I’ve finished your dvds and they will be in the mail this week.

    You will find, to make p any spare space on the dvd, I’ve added some extra stuff which I hope you find of interest.

    Bobbee – I have some of your Grand Designs done, and will get to the others, as well as River Cottage this week. You should also receive a couple of dvds later in the week.

    I use a mac, but the dvds are in avi format, so should run on a dvd player, or your computer.

    Most documents are pdf.

    I hope they all work for you.

    Please pm me if you have any problems.



    Thanks Andre

    Its muchly appreciated as I just bought an acre block of bare land the permi stuff will be very useful.Do you need more seeds or some stamps or a mix?




    I meant to add, HT .. I had over 7 GB of survival stuff … LOTS of reading there.. lol


    Thanks so much Andre. We are looking forward to watching whatever you have sent.

    Have to add I feel like a bit of a twit here as I’ve sent you a PM(I think) about the list. I have to work out how this site works. C__p couldn’t even work out how to add a smiley face. Anyway thanks very much indeed.


    Andre I am intending to send an order to Green Harvest this week or next, so if you have some stuff you would really love to have please let me know. If it is stuff I would really love to have too, I can order it for us both.

    Makes sense to me!!

    Of course I am putting home saved seed aside for you as well. Once you are planting onsite we can send bulb type thingies as well. Hurry up young fella!



    The dvd’s arrived safely thank you Andre. :clap:



    Yay .. but that isn’t all of them .. more to come. 🙂

    And don’t get TOO carried away with the seeds .. whatever you have spare 🙂

    and as said, not fussed. If its good enough for your taste, then all good for me too :tup:

    Thanks Bobbee

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)
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