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Drop spindles

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    This weekend I learned how to spin using a drop spindle made out of an onion and a chopstick. I thought it was quite clever!

    I’m interested to hear if anyone else has made spindles out random things lying around the house and if they worked well 😀


    There’s an excellent tutorial on youtube somewhere for how to make a very simple and effective drop spindle from an old cd and a pencil or a biro.

    Other than that – well, mostly bits of dowel with something vaguely symmetrical on the top will work LOL


    Veggies were very popular with those who could afford them, back in the day.

    Early spinners (circa pre-medieval times , apparently) would often use a spinning flat stone.

    The whorl, sometimes known as an onion 😀 simply maintains the spin speed and constancy.

    Heavier/lighter stones were used depending on whether you were spinning wool, silk, or rugs :geek:

    Some would use sticks tied together to make a Turkish spindle with crossed sticks forming the whorl.

    I have made them from a stick with a mud whorl – purely to see if I can.

    I can, but it begs the question – why :shrug:

    Since I make wheels and spindles, I hang out with some really interesting historical (and sometimes, hysterical) forums and there would seem to only be a limit on your own imagination as to what to use.

    People have used dinner plates, forks/spoons or animal bones.

    I have even made them from wood 😀

    Maybe I just need to get out more. 😐

    Once you have mastered the onion, you should be able to move up to the beetroot. :tup:

    Great for colouring your fingers, too.

    spindle-ingly yours

    Doc 😉

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