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Dreading my next meal…

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    Thanks smurfy.. I think one of the few not going on about apples!

    I’ve had to take a complete step off as that no cook porridge the other day put me off all food totally! blurgh! :sick:

    BUT now I’m back on normal – pre-diet food and healthifying all our already pretty healthy meals.


    Sprite post=336165 wrote: Fructose is not a good sugar, and eating lots of apples (v. high in fructose) will do little for any sort of healthy diet.

    Blood type also has a lot to do with how you digest food. From hazy memory, Type 0 is the most “ancient” type (ie: we were all originally O about 10,000 years ago). Type O digests meat well, and pretty much other food groups in moderation. However often Type O people are mildly lactose intolerant.

    Type A evolved with the advent of agriculture – generally those that digest grains, fruit and veg well are Type A. Type A tend to feel “heavy” after eating meat.

    Type B is relatively new, having only evolved with the development of the dairy industry. They seem to digest cheese, milk, yoghurt much better than other groups.

    Type AB is the newest blood group and combines the best qualities of A and B.

    I also read somewhere that O offers the best protection against common infections such as colds, and A is probably the worst in terms of fighting infection. In our own family, my eldest son and I (both A) tend to be hit harder by anything going through the family than my spouse and younger son (type O)

    I’m sure someone has far better information on this sort of stuff than I do.

    It sounds both interesting and illogical to me. I’m not sure how blood types can evolve when a child inherits blood type from either the father or the mother, along with the RH factor from his parents. Would like to understand this more. 🙂


    I’d believe that.. not saying that it’s true just because I think it sounds right, BUT isn’t that interesting how O blood can be given to anyone?


    I think type ‘O’ blood is called ‘the universal donor’. And yes zippy, I think it is interesting too. :tup:

    BlueWren I am sceptical of a lot of the diets that are for different shaped people etc and I must admit the idea of folk with different blood types needing different food types seems, to me, to be a bit weird. :shrug:

    But then a lot of health issues seem a bit weird. I guess its like a lot of things, try it and see. If it works for you and it does no harm, :shrug: then that’s what you go with I suppose. :shrug:

    I find an all round balanced food mix makes lots of sense. My big problem is meal sizes I am afraid…………and choc………and…and…..and…………………..

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    It’s only O negative blood that can be given to anyone, not O positive.


    I think you’ve got that the wrong way around. I can give to anyone and I’m 0+. Shame I’m from England, they won’t take my mad cow blood :o)


    Ah, I never realised O pos was also universal 🙂 Woot, gave birth to 3 more universal blood donors (I’m 0- and am universal, they’re O+ and always thought they weren’t).


    O negative is the “universal donor” but this just means there is a reduced risk of a reaction to the blood.

    Warning: Wall of text (and very irrelevant to vegan dieting).

    The major sources of transfusion reaction are from the molecules on the red blood cells designated A and B. There are four major blood groups (A, B, AB and O) according to which molecules are present. Type O has neither A or B so there is less chance of a reaction because the molecules most likely to cause a reaction are not present.

    The second major consideration is the D molecule. The “negative” suffix denotes an absence of that molecule. Again, if it is not there, the body cannot react to it so O negative is the safest blood to give in general, hence the moniker: “universal donor.”

    The reasons for this is that the body will have defences against the molecules it doesn’t have. If it detects a foreign molecule, the body will destroy it (and the red blood cell to which the molecule is attached).

    So, someone who is AB positive can accept all kinds of blood but someone who is O negative can accept only O negative. Likewise, O negative blood can be given to anybody but AB positive blood can be given only to AB positive recipients.

    Having said all that, these are not the only molecules on the red cells to cause reactions, only the most important ones. O negative blood can still cause a fatal reaction depending on the other molecules present on the blood cells and the recipient’s reaction to them. O negative’s nickname, “Universal Donor,” is not strictly accurate but close enough.

    Finally, I just generalised a lot of complex stuff so it is not as accurate as I would like and I sincerely hope that my lecturer is not reading this and frothing at the mouth.


    So what can O positive give to?

    Very interesting.. I stopped being vegan after those four days and had to work hard in the following days to get any sort of interest in food back!

    Now I’m trying to figure out what my body likes and feels light and energised by.

    Tonight it was scotch fillet (I shared with my son) with a huge salad. YUM, feel great!

    Quinoa tomorrow with the left overs in a salad.



    zippy post=336267 wrote: So what can O positive give to?

    Anyone who is also “positive”, regardless of the ABO type.

    We are WAY of topic here but what the hell…

    Donor Recipient

    0- >> Everyone

    0+ >> A+ B+ AB+ 0+

    A- >> A+ A- AB+ AB-

    A+ >> A+ AB+

    B- >> B+ B- AB+ AB-

    B+ >> B+ AB+

    AB- > AB- AB+

    AB+ > AB+

    I hope this formatting survives.


    Wow… I cant give blood as i had almost half the blood in my body replaced after my first twins were born (scary) and seriously low blood pressure. Id pass out if i tried! But i was interested in all this stuff, i didnt know a lot of that, and glad i do now!

    Steve, you know the saying ‘when something sounds too good to be true..?’

    Then up pops fructose and it all comes crashing down! Just eat all the good regular food and we’ll all be fine!


    As long as your enjoying food and your watching the portion size of what you eat then i think you’ll feel much better. My nanny is trying to lose weight ATM, but she loves food and she really loves coke! Shes all depressed that she cant have coke and is caving in and having some all the time. I pointed out that diet coke is a fine substitute, and you wont feel as though you ‘cant’ have something you love! Obviously artificial sugar isnt good, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do some times!


    diet soft drink of anything is worse, – look up aspartame


    After removing sugar from my diet, it was almost immediately I stopped craving anything. I used to crave wheat all the time and was constantly hungry. I then removed grains and am only hungry if I haven’t eaten for over 5 hours, during the day. (Not at breakfast time cos I’m not that active during my sleep 😉 ).

    Totally agree with calliecat – some artificial sweeteners are made from petroleum products.


    OFF-TOPIC: Thanks Silent, I never really understood the donor/recipient pattern, now I do in my own restricted way. Don’t know how long I’ll retain the info though. :tup:

    Back on topic (Ithink): I won’t touch anything with artificial sweeteners, anyone who does please research the additives. :S :sick: You might change your mind. 🙁

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Zippy,Do you watch “good chef bad chef”? channel 10 4pm M-F.Janella Purcell is a vegan and makes yummy foods even breakfasts.

    Have a look and it might give you some ideas.They even have a web site.

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