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    Has anyone out there been watching the TV show Doomsday Preppers[video]http:/[/video]?

    …bringing out the Inner Prepper in us all…. :woohoo:

    …can’t help but be inspired by other’s contingency plans, schemes and ideas!

    Particularly love it when people resort to sustainable/closed systems, rather then weapon stockpiling…

    ….now, to get a Bug-out bag organised……. 😉


    Omg that looks awesome! When/where can we watch it?

    I watched the Colony which was a simulated apocalypse reality series and recommend it too 🙂

    Know of any other shows like this?


    My son down loaded the entire season. I enjoyed it but found some over the top with the guns and weapons.

    I liked the lady who cooks food from her stock pile she has lots of ideas

    If you go into the website there is some good ideas on the sides about stockpiling from ordinary people.

    There was 2 shows with the English and I was hoping the Aussies would of been shown as well but it ended.

    I googled to see if there is a group here in Australia and at the time about 3 months ago there was 31 people

    in the group. I just asked for Australian Doomsday Preppers.


    I had the same thought Robyne! An Aussie version would be fantastic.. we have our own flavour fer sure.. my own lifestyle already seems to fit into the Prepper catagory, just in terms of sustainability and interests in preserving, food gardens etc, so I can imagine there is some extreme mad max creations and characters deeper in the bush… :woohoo:


    Ive watched quite a few episodes of this show too, I thought I could get some ideas from it but some of these guys are extreme and seem to focus not on surviving long term but just on preventing others from taking their stuff with force or exclusion. Ha ha ha I think becoming self sustaining is the only way to survive. We moved to a climate which we feel is perfect for growing a huge variety of foods, which is far enough above sea level that we won’t be flooded, off the grid and with our own water supply and if anyone tries to take my stuff…….? Well, I’ll probably just share. :hug:


    Oh dear – I mis-read the thread title as Doomsday Peppers. :pinch: Thought it was some kind of super-resilient capsicum.

    Carry on…. :whistle:


    The name dooms day prepper is really a term that main stream meadia use to try and controll and belittle those people that think for themselves. Anyone that has a pantry with food in is a prepper because they have several days or several months of food and supplies. No matter what the problem man made or nature anyone that takes care of there family by having a backup plan is way ahead of the others. The general population has been told both in Australia and the USA by the government to have several days of food and supplies.

    If your house is blown away then you need help but if a person is without food and supplies because they were to lazy its there own fault. So then a prepper is really someone that has common sense to make sure they have enough for there family. This not only means food but all aspects of survival,



    I totally agree with you Dennis!

    Our local council has web pages dedicated to emergency preparedness so I’ve made steps to start doing these as a minimum.

    I love the show because some people are doing some really amazing things! Others worry me a little about the scenario they choose to prepare and certain attitudes they might have but each to their own!

    Investing in food is never a waste unless it gets spoiled because you can always live off it in retirement and save having to buy groceries which will most likely be more expensive in the future. I’d love to have food for a year and not have to buy any groceries! It’s smarter than paying for superannuation that gets eaten up (as has happened to me though fortunately I’m still young enough to recover).

    The army has a saying ‘he who is prepared survives’.

    As a lone parent with young kids its really hard to make the preps that I want but there’s always something we can do – its about taking responsibility and carrying your own weight.


    I know a lot of the info on being prepared in regard to food, medical, tools etc has been talked about on this forum over the last few years. Yet sometimes we tend to get weighed down with whats happening at the moment and all our good planing is put on hold. I guess what I am saying is that we need to remain focused at all times. While we have our daily jobs etc we also need to spend a few minutes to think of our own survival. Once we have a reasonable amount of food,medical,tools etc its only a about rotating or replacing the items that might be out of date or broken.

    The idea of being prepared for any event I believe should be part of all families internal training. If we relie on the government or any outside source we are putting our fate into the hands of others. Mankind which at his best is flawed. While in some cases the outside help may be good the bottom line is what can we do for ourselves.

    Think about it, Do we eat any type of food just because someone says its ok, not likely we check it out and if it has chemicals, GMO etc we reject it. The same with medical, natural preventive medican is far better than a synthetic drug that may only target a certain part. Its the same with being prepared we plan ahead for any thing that might happen.

    There you have it the person that is prepared for the unsuspected is wise and the one that does not is in some ways forgetful or foolish. No offence intended.



    Have a look at what is happening after ‘superstorm sandy’ very relevant to this thread, preppers are made to look like they have lost the plot.



    I think if your house is destroyed as those poor buggars lost theirs no amount of prepping would of prepared you

    Its a good case not to live right on the sea front.

    But if they had prepared and they knew it was coming

    they could of moved all their stockpile to the hills.

    I saw Fema has yet again let their own people down. we are lucky in this country all the people get together a

    and help each other. Surely a trucky over there could deliver the water for free for his own country men.

    I have added to my stock pile lately. More Panadol tablets, bandages, creams. I put all in one box for moving quickly

    All our medicines we take daily are in another container along with all our important papers.

    Hubby being X CFS is strict on this as he saw so many people without paper work and it takes time to get it all back


    I think you will find its against the law in a lot US states to help those in need unless you have the right licence and training, people control. Been a few cases of late of older women being charged for giving food to homeless. Sick.


    Our local Supermarket used to give food to the local soup kitchen and

    to the breakfast club for children who don’t have breakfast at home before going to school.

    Now they just throw it out as someone complained that had nothing to do with either of the places,

    They used to give boxes full of bread that was a couple of days old but fine for toast.

    Same with muffins and crumpets.

    Some times if they had too manypackets of bacon we got that for the kids as a treat for them.


    I was looking on the Doomsday Website and they are advertising

    a new season of doomsday preppers on Thursday the 13th at 7.30pm est.

    Acouple of web sites you might like to look at is…1/live_off_the_land…=doomsday-preppers-australia


    I think this family has done a great job and he is not alone because I have seen others that have done the same thing. While I would be cautious with the advertising, just the same it shows how little land you need to supply all your food.


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