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Dogs and tumours

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    Just wondering if anyone has had any success using alternative therapies for dogs with mouth/lip tumours.

    I have a Chihuahua x Jack Russell who is approximately 12 years old (he was a rescue of approx. 4 when I got him from a shelter.) About three years ago, he had a tumour on his lower jaw (under the nose) which appeared between the gum/inner lip. Took him to the vet and had it removed, but didn’t go the option of getting it biopsied (which would have cost $350). As if it was cancerous I didn’t want to put him through chemotherapy – which would have been the only option. The vet agreed with me and said chemo is not always successful and is a very stressful procedure, at the time it would have only bought him 3 months. Anyway, all was well for about 12 months, it then came up again (smaller) but then disappeared after 2 months….well it’s back again and I am considering another round of surgery, he is not in any discomfort, running around like a mad thing and eating and functioning as normal, it is not oozing, getting bigger or uncomfortable for him if I examine it and there are no other lumps/lesions anywhere in his mouth, tongue, neck or body.

    Any thoughts or advice….before I put my old boy through another vet visit and round of surgery. He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but this little guy is my shadow and though small of stature has the heart of a lion.


    I know how you feel, these little guys really wrap themselves around our hearts!

    Years ago we had a small female terrier, she developed a number of lumps on her belly.

    These worried me more than her I think.

    Husband was a farmer who didn’t believe we should fuss over the fur kids!!

    I wasn’t too happy nor were the children, anyway she ripped these lumps out herself and lived for another 2 years.

    Obviously this cant happen with you little friend.

    no point here just sympathy coming your way.


    I am sorry, it is so hard with animals sometimes! I lost both of my beautiful dogs last year, both to cancers.

    Would it be worth getting an xray to check for lumps in the lungs or abdomen? I only say that because my little dog had no lumps that I could feel, but on xray she had lumps all through her abdomen. (an aggressive fast cancer) I took her to the vet as she had an increased respiratory rate when resting. I thought she maybe had the beginning of heart issues as she was 12. I took my big dog to the vet as she was limping, the vet and I both thought she had arthritis. We decided to xray and it was bone cancer. Our option was surgery but I requested an xray of her lungs first and she already had cancer in the lungs.

    That way you can get an idea where you stand and can decide whether the surgery will be worth it. Its also not that expensive.

    All the best with it. I hope everything is fine. 🙂



    Thanks Caddie and Gypsyoak. I think I may get him xrayed before surgery. This may cut down on too much trauma for us both.

    I have Isabell Shipards book “How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life” and she lists Herb Robert as a useful plant and is suitable to give to dogs. So I will endeavour to source some this week and start him on that. I used Comfrey very sparingly when I first got him as he was in pretty poor condition, his skin was inflamed and his already thin coat was sparse. It worked well and seemed to settle him down a bit too.

    Will keep you posted, will probably get him to the vet next week.

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