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Does flour go 'off'??

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    I buy flour in 15kg bags. I was at the shop and saw a 10kg bag of black and gold brand flour at a bargain price so bought it. I throw all my flour in the freezer for a couple of days to kill weevils etc and then transfer to an air tight container. BUT, this latest flour seems to be a total dud! I makes crappy pizza dough, and horrid bread. Does flour go ‘off’ or is there simply better quality flour than others???? :unsure:


    Sounds like the quality of the flour rather than it’s freshness. Other than that I don’t really know.


    I would say it is both, but the freshness is important.

    see this link – the important bits are at the bottom of the page –

    Also you have no way of knowing what temperature the bag of flour has been stored at, I’ve heard that optimum temperature for storage is about 75F (23C) and for every increase in 10F (~12C) the shelf life is cut by 50%.

    Most internet sources for food storage and life and storage of flours are in the US. Not many AU sites out there yet. You should also try searching this forum as the link I found when googling were broken due to the move 🙂

    Hope this helps 😀


    I have used flour that we had in storage for at least 5 years and it was OK. sounds like that bag/batch may have been a dud. The caveat here is that is for while flour. Wholemeal can go off due to rancidity of the oils from the whole grain, but I think this is more likely to manifest itself as off flavours than anything else….



    Thanks for the feedback. It doesnt smell ‘off’, but it just doesnt cook or bind like normal flour, really flimsy to work with and cooks like a brick! Okay, lesson learned, Off in the bin with that lot! Stick to my local milled flour, at least I know it’s fresh!


    If you’re using it for bread it just might not be ‘strong’ enough. I find generic brand flour ok for cakes and bikkies but I’ve tried to make bread out of it and it had a cakey texture – probably lacking the right amount of gluten for breadmaking.


    Doesn’t go off as such but the longer you keep it the worse it will perform. Also keeping it in an airtight container is not such a good idea (I used to do the same). The best way to store flour is in the bag it comes in, this allows the flour to breathe. I’m unsure of the exact reason for allowing it to breathe, but I do know my recipes work much better since I stopped putting it in airtight containers.


    As mentioned you need strong flour or baker’s flour with a high gluten content for making bread and pizza. I don’t black and gold make one. Only good for cakes and bikkies pancakes etc. Not yeast type recipes.


    What brands of flour are used for breads?

    I just buy the normal shop brand for cakes and bikkies, but keep all my flour in the fridge in the bags that they come in. This keeps the darned pantry moths out of my pantry and the weevils out of my flour!

    This time every year, I have an ongoing battle with the pantry moths 🙁 Drives me crazy.

    I have had flour that I’ve refrigerated for a year before, and it still performed the same way as it did when I bought it??? I’ve never had a major problem if I put it in the fridge. I do the same for rice. 😀


    So how do you tell if you have flour that has high or low gluten content? Is it labelled somewhere? Gosh, I am going to need MORE storage space for all the different flours!! LOL


    Take a look at the nutrition panel on the side. generally, high protein = high gluten. Gluten is a wheat/barley/rye type protein.


    My wife and I have both had poor results using Black and Gold flour recently. My wife tried to make white sauce with this product and it wouldn’t thicken. I have just tried to make pancakes and the pancake remained soggy. In the past I have good results using this product making Pizza bases. Has anybody else had trouble with this product?

    sue e

    a bit of a diversion i know but just had to mentionm Shadowdancer that i used to refridgerate all my flours, rice, pasta as well because of the pantry moths but i bought one of those pantry moth traps to put in the pantry and havent had a problem since. i think it just broke the cycle. went right through last summer without a probelm when previously i would open the pantry and be engulfed by a (flock? herd? swarm?) of pantry moths.

    not sure about the storage time foer flour but i have been buying Laucke Wallaby bakers flour and have had wonderful success with it.makes fantastic breads , pizza only comes in 5 kg bags at the supermarket so doesn’t last too long around here.



    Asked Chef hubby about this. Flour does not go off but the nutrition value goes down the longer it is kept. Also, like someone else mentioned flour is better when it can breath. Sounds like a bad batch. The other issue that can be a consideration is that it has not been kneaded enough or the yeast is not working properly.


    Maybe an old wives tale, but I thought honey is the only food substance that does not go off???

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