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    Judi BJudi B

    eucalypt wrote:

    Everyone’s kitchen seemed to be orange & brown or green & brown.


    Our kitchen was valencia and teak and the neighbours kitchen was apple green and pine.

    I prefer my old kitchen to the one here which is pine and pink laminate :rip: what were they thinking when they built here.

    I got married in 1975 I wore a kaftan, DH wore tan trousers and shirt….. glad he didn’t wear the purple flairs.:lol:


    I can’t find the photo, but I had a ‘suit’ of apple green, with white piping. The pants were flared of course, and there was a little tank top.

    It was bootiful!


    So everyone has told of their embarrassing fashions of the 70’s, well I still have some of mine, I dont wear them but you never know they may make a comeback !!

    Carefully stored are a pair of bold checked pants by Levi’s, so big the flair that they covered my shoes which was a shame really as they were 3 tone leather with elevated soles, in green, brown and claret color.

    Top this with a beautiful paisely body shirt, so tight couldn’t do up the top buttons, which was cool as this exposed the hairy chest and ubiquitous gold chain.

    Just to complete the picture I also sported a porn star droopy moustache

    I solemnly swear I have never worn a safari suit in all my life !!!

    Apologies to any of our lady members who I have made violently ill.


    how embarrasing reading these posts – i admit to 1974 wedding, he wore purple velvet w frilly shirt & bow tie, I had the floppy hat with long purple velvet ribbon . . our first kitchen had yellow & brown cabinets (Sofala Gold & Iberian Oak – what a memory!). Our waterbed (of course) had a reb/black/white geometric print spread. I did macrame and the standard fare for a dinner party was pumpkin soup followed by spag bol – served in chunky earthernware dishes – wine in pottery goblets. Otherwise, a fondue!

    Oh happy days!


    Oh I remember learning Macrame and French knitting at school. I look at my childhood photos and think “ooh yuck those clothes are sooo dated”

    I’ve only just moved from a house that was pure 1970″s from the carpet, to the front entrance way with textured gold/brown metallic wallpaper!!!! Fortunately common sense prevailed and the laminate in the kitchen was cream and not orange or lime green!

    Lizzy 😀


    My 7 year old is doing french knitting right now!!


    ok i give you permission to laugh when i got married the 1st time in 1980,my hubby wore similar suit but all brown and the maids were in apricot gosh what i was thinking but oh but my dad wore a green check suit with purple shirt and pink tie and i was so proud of him thankfully now it has gone to the big blue yonder:lol:


    I love paisley!! I’ve always loved paisley and I’ll love it until the day I croak!

    I remember having a funky denim jumpsuit, my name curved out in wire on a leather band and I remember going to the Sunbury Pop Festival! :metal:


    Pearl_dragoness wrote:

    Teenagers in the area wore shoes/sandals that looked like they were made of old tyres and creaked when they walked.

    Ah yes, Treads! 😆 They went well with the hipster jeans and the knitted crop tops.

    We had an oversized wooden spoon and fork on the kitchen wall. Very classy.

    Didn’t everyone? 😆 Along with the electric can opener proudly displayed on the bench top.

    I remember chocolate brown embossed wallpaper. :rip:

    Here (in this house) was Mission Brown exposed beams and bright green laminate. The green has gone but the “chocolate” beams remain. 😆


    yes the hipsters and the knitted crop tops yes the memories,they were good ones

    i use to so love seeing the men in theri paisley shirts

    bushy you must have been a real ladies man back then:metal:

    jennifer gjennifer g

    oh the cream and brown box electric can opener:lol: i remember them too,,,,

    Aunty PearlAunty Pearl

    Hope this pic loads……..

    When DD saw this pic, she thought their parents should be reported to child protection!:lol::lol::lol:




    hubby wore similar suit but all brown and the maids were in apricot gosh

    That sounds like a carbon copy of my wedding in ’78.:lol:

    Hubby had the shirt with the vienetta ruffles down the front and the velvet bow tie to top it all off. What a look!:lol::lol:

    At least Dad wore a plain dark brown suit and tie and if I know my Dad he probably still has it and it is probably the only suit he owns.:hug:


    Oh Pearl, I think those boys would need councelling after having to wear somrthing like that.:lol::lol::lol:

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 89 total)
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