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    I use an open source operating system and have been on it for quite a while now with no problems. I like that I can run my computer without having to succumb to windows and paying a hefty price just so I could have an interface to go with it. I don’t like those few however which banner a lot of advertisements which are most often than not too much to bear with.


    I don’t use Linux (because windows 7 was already on the computer when I got it) but I use heaps of freeware:

    Open Office – Only issue I found was I have been in family law courts over my 2 kids from my first marriage and the court forms don’t like open office. So I got on a BETA test for Office 10.

    GIMP – Photo editing

    Thunderbird – Email

    Firefox – internet, I hate explorer. I don’t believe it has the same simplistics or functionality of Fire fox

    FreeMind – mind mapping software

    WORDPRESS.COM – for my blog and I don’t even need hosting.

    Total Organiser – for keeping track of hubbys work

    I was going to use for my new website launching monday but the price ecks me and may look at joomla again but I like the social network function of ning and also wanted to make an iphone app for the site.


    I didn’t understand a word of that (sigh) more lessons from the kids needed!!!


    For anyone interested, I just learned about a “free” interactive data visualization package called Tableau Public. (This package is used by the ABC news in Australia to visualise some of their more advanced graphics). The only “catch” (if you can call it that) is that you have to maintain your source data on their web server. (However, you can still embed the interactive graphics on your website, blog, etc.): The possibilities are endless 🙂


    Hi treetopsdreaming, I think your wide signature is causing your posts to scroll off the right hand side of the screen. We (or I at least) can’t see the right side of your message and the reply buttons are off the page.

    Just letting you know… 🙂


    Yep that’s how I see your last post Treetopsdreaming. 🙂


    Hi Steve and Bobbee. Thanks for letting me know – I think I’ve fixed the problem (for now)…


    Yep, it looks good now. :tup:



    There is a site called it has a list of opensource software, you tick the boxes of the software you want and download the installer and it installs the software automatically one after the other. I use it in my PC repair business. Another good app is “Patch My PC” just google it to find the link, it will automatically update a heap of programs on your PC. best of all its free.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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