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    Mulberries did real well this year i picked and picked for days on end
    Made some great Galettes apple and mulberrie on puff pastry first spread with apricot jam….delicious

    Also dried a few to use on my muesli as a sultana sub delicious and froze a lot too


    Hi Snags, yep it’s a busy time of year for sure.  We are picking berries every day now and freezing madly so as to keep us in fruit all year.  I think I am in love with zip-lock bags.

    Have plenty of greens in the garden but just cut the last pumpkin from last season.  Need to grow more this year.



    Ive got lots and lots and lots of snake beans.
    Stir frys are full of them,mates are full of them and the compost has a fair few too,boy are they prolific.
    Tomatoes are piling high on the kitchen counter, the red wing parrots are knocking over heaps of them and I dont care there are so many.
    Its a productive time of the year and all this regular rain means you dont have to water which makes it seem like everything is free.


    Ive got eggplant like nobodies business
    I was going to make some caprinata today
    Im also loving the baba ganoush

    Judi B

    I’m slowly getting my garden going again, the floods did heaps of damage to the soil structure and then we went into drought again so very hard to get anything to grow, town water kills most things but the asparagus doesn’t mind it.
    I’ve got to get my seed stash up again as I didn’t grow much so haven’t saved any seed, planted snake beans 2 weeks ago and nothing has come of them, thai basil also a no show, I did manage to save some lacy lady peas but I’d left them outside and we got some rain while I was in Brisbane came home to sprouting seed….so planted them. In the new year I’ll be ordering more seed then I’ll start saving my own again.
    I’ve got frog ponds going and the frogs are loving them latest crop of frogs are doing nicely, and the azolla grows very fast so am using it as a mulch.


    Beans, capsicums and zucchini trombino… I’m really impressed with the zucchini, quantity and flavour!! Lots of others almost ready including corn and tomatoes! Still licking blueberries and raspberries but only first year so not many make it inside


    I saw those tromboncino zucchini everywhere in Sicily.
    I was wondering what they did with them as you didnt see lots of them used in restaurant menus.
    They are definately large family sized

    Judi B

    In the past I’ve grown the tromboncino and love it, we pick it just after the flower has browned off and they are so tender and full of flavour.
    I picked some asparagus again this morning, 2 zucchini plants are doing nicely, “triffids” need to be divided again, some arrowroot needs dividing as well and strawberries are sending out runners.


    More eggplants
    Doing a Greek feta, eggplant,onion,garlic parsley oregano stale bread soaked in milk patties.
    Roast the eggplants and peel and mash brown onion cook garlic add together make a ball roll in flour and fry in EVOO
    Veggie burger /falafel kind of thing very nice in some pitta bread with salad/tabouleh,baba ghanoush/hummus  and pickled chilli as a kebab.

    Lots more snake beans
    Stir fried till slightly blistered or darkened add garlic, ginger, soy/oyster/fish/rice wine/sesame oil in any combo you have or to your taste.
    Froze another big lot of french beans yesterday too.
    Tomatoes are getting whacked by fruit fly, putting them in the fridge and cutting on the dot ,most seem to be worm less
    Only got one rock melon because of FF .
    Capsicum are getting picked young and fridged
    Ive got baits to kill the males and a few other attractants everywhere.
    Ive never had so many FF
    I did buy lots of topsoil for my garden beds,it probably bought in a lot of passengers,as I know the guy uses compost he makes from the green grocers scraps (lots of rotting fruit I would bet)
    I will continue my baiting
    and maybe get some net and dedicate one bed (to start with) to the most vulnerable  tomatoes capsicums and rockmelons.


    Hi everyone, thought Id wander in to say hi.

    Been busy in the garden, picking heaps, of tomatoes, beans, and zuchinnis everyday.
    Ive got tomatoes dehydrated and some frozen. Today I tried my hand at putting some into jars. seemed easy enough.
    My strawberries have stopped fruiting for the moment, but i have a huge bag of them in the freezer frozen

    The only thing i am not having much success with is corn.

    Havent spent as much time as Id like in the garden this summer due to my cricket commitments but I plan on changing that with the new year, I am going to stand up for myself and tell them i am not available all the time to help out.

    Hope everyone is  enjoying gardening and staying well


    When freezing beans, do you blanch first? I have heaps of sex without strings! And are as nice as the name is amusing!
    I have heaps of arrowroot, what do you actually do with it? I got the plant a couple of years ago and can’t remember why?! Flour??


    I blanch
    I googled the Sex without strings …lol
    Arrowroot leaves is great soft mulch the worms love it.
    Treat it like a potato


    Imd80 – I use arrowroot as a clear thickener for fruit sauces.  I imagine you would dry and grind the root.  The commercial product I believe isn’t even arrowroot, even tho the name is on the jar. I use 2 tsp per cup of fluid.


    Cool thanks! And today I picked painted corn for the first time…


    Can’t seem to post!

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