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    I keep finding plants of ‘cutandcomeagain’ oak leaf lettuce  in various corners of the garden, including in the middle of gravel paths.  It’s a very tenacious and very welcome member of our veg garden, tastes great and even in the middle of a hot summer there will be some to be found somewhere.

    Quite a lot of work has been done on the back areas of the yard so now I am turning my attention to the front.  There is much clearing up and preparing to be done but I hope to be encouraged by finding more unexpected or forgotten treasures hiding in the undergrowth.  I’ll let you know.

    Mr Bobbs has been working overtime clearing fallen trees which came down in the storms we had a week or such ago.   The biggest eucalypt splattered right across 2 rows of berries and made quite a mess.   That has been cleared away and the berries and the wires they grow on now look pretty much as good as before.   Thank heavens for Mr Bobbs.



    I have had 2 tommy toes in self watering pots producing tomatoes daily since about late feb or march (cant totally remember) to now and there is still more to go.
    I havent bought a tomato for 8 or 9 months 
    I have tied strings from above to support them and constantly remove diseased leaves.
    Fertiliser is urine and water once a week.
    Water is 2 or 3 times a week depending on the wind and sun.


    Can’t remember where you live Snags but that sounds great to me.  Must try it this year.  We kept a black krim tomato alive and fruiting all through the winter about two years ago I  guess it was, but that was in the glass house.

    We have a very small blood orange tree which had fruit the year it was bought and then again the following year, but since then no flowers and of course no fruit.   It looks healthy and strong but hasn’t grown much in size, it is only about a metre tall.  Any ideas anyone??????

    I started picking broad beans yesterday, taking young pods about 3 to 4 inches in length, as I heard that they can be steamed pods and all and are very tasty when young.   I haven’t cooked them yet but will try them tomorrow.   We always picked the full pods and cooked only the kernels but I am happy to try something new.



    Well heaps of clearing of weeds and old plants etc has been taking place in the orchard garden, and just in time too as I want to try some zucchini plants and pumpkin, beans and cucumbers, oh and capsicum as well.  Last year I grew the zucchini in a partially shaded area under the plumcot tree and they were very successful.   With heavy mulch they handled the summer heat really well and didn’t succumb to mildew until the picking season was just about over.

    We always struggle to get a long enough growing time for our capsicums so they are going in now and I will have to keep alert to any severe chill or frost type weather and race out to cover the darn things.   Hopefully all will be well.



    Capsicumed to the eye ball here at the moment,they will be hit by fruit fly soon.
    I keep them in the ground for at least 2 to 3 years.
    I had one in a pot that was over 2 years old, that 99% died from lack of water, when I went away for a month.
    I started watering and had fruit in a bit over a month… was amazing
    It continued on for another 6 or 8 months giving me a fruit about once a week,before it got the wilt ,must of been root rot as it looked like it needed water but didnt.
    The new ones are a few months old and going real well.


    I am green, red, yellow and brown with envy Snags.   Lucky old you.  

    We do our best and some years are better than others but it is always a fight.

    We had a perennial capsicum which I grew in the glass house and that lasted about 2 years I think, but it was a ‘constant work’ plant and I am a lazy gardener.   It fruited madly and constantly but they were very small, about the size of a jalapeno chilli.   It could be an idea to grow a ‘normal’ capsicum in the glass house and see what happens.


    PS:    By the way Snags, it is great to get a response to a post, seems quite lonely on als these days.      :ar!


    Picked some beans today first from my new beds a Roman flat variety.
    I will try them tomorrow for the first time
    Surprised Im getting broad beans too its so late in the season they have been in flower for months and just started fruiting and its high 20s C.


    We still have soooo many weeds! But have just put in some irrigation to fruit trees and with a full tank I’m excited… They will do so much better with regular watering! Lots of my seedlings are taking off and more being propagated! Slow going with 3 kids under 5!!


    Been picking more beans got the first of the yellow wax beans
    I’ve planted some cow peas and they have shot up in a few days.
    They are great fro chilli con carne and free nitrogen fixxing mulch


    Mr earthwalker is clearing huge patch of Tecoma from our last remaining sunny patch for our new veggie plot….hard work as it’s long established and quite wild round that part of the garden.  The back of our block is dominated by three massive Lleyllandii planted right on the boundary….they have to go soon, but I am almost too scared to get the quotes in….we can’t put up with them any longer, they are now starting to overshadow the fig tree and the olive tree has given up bearing for the last couple of years.  The previous owners went nuts with tree planting, quite the madwoman’s breakfast. Over the past 17 years we have taken down 25 large trees, most dead/diseased, all dangerously close to the house, the pool, or the  neighbours, a mix of natives and exotics, some planted only a couple of metres apart.  We have been clearing and replanting as we go, Increasing the diversity, a good mix of natives, fruiting and deciduous trees and retaining the biggest trees, some which are nesting sites for 28’s and other large birds.  We still have what would be considered a heavily treed block.  Sometimes I fantasise about some flat, rockless land, with a bore….but then I look around and think ‘Nah’ stick with it’….So ’til that Tecoma’s cleared and my veggie beds hammered together it’s polystyrene boxes, pots, and the odd sunny patch.  But I have a young Mulberry that’s going right where those Lleyllandii are going to be ‘disappeared’ Oh and a chook palace, but don’t tell Mr earthwalker that bit……let’s get him over the Tecoma first:).


    Got some strawbs,Vietnamese mint,tarragon and a bay tree today.
    I will plant out the strawbs in a bed and hope they go forth and multiply before I build my permanat Aztec pyramid of strawberries with wicking bed



    That’s a nice little bundle of goodies Snags, very tastefully arranged.     I do so enjoy pics.

    I have zip lock bags of dried broad beans in the cupboard, makes a change from the frozen ones I prepared last year.

    Should have a bumper crop of berries this year, just a handful of boysenberries every day or two so far but the vines are loaded.  No trouble with the birds as yet but the nets are at the ready.    Raspberries are going really well, good pickings and so yummmmmmm.

    This years grapes are looking lush and a heavy crop, they will be netted soon as we lost the lot last year,  we had some very well fed birds around our place last year.



    Sounds good
    Ive got some raspberries and blue berries and strawberries,we have the same hungry birds so I was going to build some raised bed cages with rio to support the canes of the raspberries.
    My grapes are still climbing not making fruit yet.
    Ive got them going from the ground to the top of my recently built pergola about 4 metres straight up then they can start going horizontal to be my shade for my balcony, its one story up open air at the moment.
    One grape is to the roof and started spreading the other is at the floor level and needs another 2 metres to get above our heads.
    Also put in the posts for my vineyard will get some grapes in Autumn

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