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    Hi gals and guys,

    This year has given us some amazing spuds. Can’t tell you the name cos I don’t know and unless Mr Bobbs finds it written down somewhere, we will never know. Very unusual for Mr Bobbs but no one is perfect.

    The spuds were proper bought seed spuds from Bunnings. I rather like Bunnings.

    This little patch of spuds, maybe 5 feet by 7 feet give or take a foot or so, gave us a return of a barrow load of spuds. I reckon almost half of the spuds weighed around a kilo each, yep that’s 1 kilo for one spud.

    Now that may well be normal for other folk but it sure isn’t for us. The spot for that spud bed was virgin paddock reclaimed by Mr Bobbs. He put the normal stuff on it like blood and bone and the only thing he did differently was to put what he calls a heap of ashes from where he had burnt branches and green stuff, onto the bed.

    The potatoes just grew as normal, didn’t look like anything special, until he started digging after the plants died down. I took one look and replaced my bucket with the wheelbarrow, as I was spud pickeruppera that day.

    The spuds are solid, no cavities, not watery, just delicious potatoes.

    I’ll tell you about the tomatoes next time.

    Anyone want to join in???????

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    I bought some Royal Blue potatoes from Bunnings last August and planted them out. They got the dreaded 28 spot lady birds in them and I thought they died back way to early (from the lady birds). But when I dug the spuds I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t weigh them but I probably got about half a bag of spuds from 20 tubers.


    I love bunnings, its a 10 minute walk from my house 🙂


    Way to go Bobbee! :tup: :clap: Are you at all able to post pics? No worries of course if not.Not sure I have ever seen a 1Kg spud!

    Lady Bee

    Well done, Bobbee and Mr Bobbs.


    My better half is on a search for a decent spud.

    We didn’t have a good year for potatoes. Early ones (Nicola) were good, but the main crop is pretty ordinary. Not many and those there are are small. We bought seed potatoes from a number of places, some varieties (those we bought from Bunnings) never even grew at all. Very disappointed.

    Don’t talk to me about tomatoes. I’m drowning in them.


    BlueWren post=339288 wrote: Way to go Bobbee! :tup: :clap: Are you at all able to post pics? No worries of course if not.Not sure I have ever seen a 1Kg spud!

    Here is a few of Bobbee’s spuds..


    Maybe they’re Desiree’s? We have grown Desiree’s from Bunnings in the past and always get a good crop. They pop up everywhere on their own now. Great haul by the way :clap: :clap:


    Could they be Ruby Lou’s?


    Crinkle Cuts? :dry:


    Thanks Hummers, they are desiree, I remember now. :blush: We grew ruby lou last year and they were good and cropped well but nothing like this years lot. It will be interesting to see how the other spud plots go. :tup:



    I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to my spuds, different varieties for different causes. Lol. They do look desiree though. Should have a yellow tinge to the flesh.


    Lol. As long as they crisp up on the outside and are soft on the inside, I’m good to go.


    BlueWren – Crinkle cuts:

    Lol. As long as they crisp up on the outside and are soft on the inside, I’m good to go.


    Hey guys and gals no one else is saying much about their veg. :S

    Fruit and herbs and all things that grow and can be useful in our simple living lives can and hopefully will be talked about. :blink:

    Someone must be able to yap away about something. :shrug:

    OK then, I will move onto tomatoes:

    I started off with Black Krim and Gross Liszt that I grew from seeds from Green Harvest.

    They grew really well and I had them in those fibre pots so that I could plant them out with no disturbance to the root systems.

    They grew in the glass house and as they were nearly ready to plant out I put them into the great outdoors, firstly for half a day and then for a whole day, this went on for maybe a week. Then I left them out all day and night for a few days and then whacked them into the ground.

    I also bought 2 punnets of Heirloom Mix Tomatoes from the local nursery. From those punnets we have a few tommies we had never heard of.

    They list is: Great White (which are lemon in colour)

    Kellogs Beefsteak (which are deep goldie/orange)

    Mortgage Lifter (lightish pink)

    Red Brandywine (a dark pink)

    Black Krim (dark, dark pinky brown)

    Aunty Ruby’s German Green (we have a tomato plant in the slower garden which maybe this one, still unsure as yet)

    Big Rainbow (which is bicolour; again not sure if we have this one or if it is the German Green one )

    Again this year the size of the tomatoes is amazing. 530 g has been about the biggest, very common weight is 350 to 460 g. Not at all usual for us.

    Again the tomatoes have been solid, meaty and totally delicious. The Great White puzzled us for ages because we were looking for a white tomato :blush: After a while and much moaning about not getting any white tomatoes, the penny dropped. 😛

    They are sweet, delicious with not many seeds. We definately want to grow them again.

    Will these seeds be fertile, :shrug: dunno. I asked at the nursery when we bought them and was told that usually yes we would be able to save our seeds and grow on from them. BUT occassionally even the Heirloom seeds are sprayed, in which case they will not grow on. The nursery staff said they had no way of knowing which punnets came from sprayed seed. :dry:

    So we took the chance and I will endeavour to buy in new seeds of the kinds we particularly like as well as try to grow from our saved seeds. 😉

    Well this post is getting longer and longer and I haven’t said what I set out too, so I’ll stop here. 🙂

    Maybe you could ask me a question if you want to, I’d really like others to post their gardening stuff too. :woohoo:

    I have some things to say about the tomato catastrophe’s we had this year too, but later for that. 😆



    You may get some pics of some of the tomatoes. Hummers is sending me some, she reckons it’s time I learned to do it myself. Darn it! :S

    ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!!!!!! :jawdrop:


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