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    Well, am I selfish, or what, but I already do this. Shut myself in my bedroom and work on the computer, read, read, and read. Go down town – on my own – with a book and sit in a coffee shop and just sit. I am already in, I think. Lorraine


    Strictly speaking, doing something for yourself does help those who you are supposed to be thinking of. If you constantly give and never tend your own garden, then you become ill. Either physically or psychicly. So the first good thing you can do for yourself is give yourself that realisation.

    HBG is so right :hug:

    I mean, as a Mum I am supposed to be thinking of everyone else!

    I get this completely cos im the one who has to sacrafice everything and to be honest its made me a cranky B*tch towards my DH cos he can just spend without thinking of other things we need to buy or the childrens chrissy ect. He got a $300 phone for his birthday and i got a fight with him for mine (i know its not about how much something is its the point of not trying).

    I tryed to get stuff done in my vegie patch this morn but my 3yr old decided to stand and screm that he had a bindi for 20 mins (i knew he didnt by the way) and i snapped so ill try again later :shrug:

    Ill go out soon and get the fence (star pickets and chicken wire ATM) up around my veggies :metal:

    I really love seeing the veggies grow 😆 Im going to look around for a seccong hand seat or bench i can do up and put in there too so i can “lock” myself in there 😆 and read a book or just “be” if you know what i mean?

    I also bit the bullet and booked a appt with my mums case person to discuss somethings (she has a mental illness and its just getting ontop of me and i feel like im sinking so i thought if i talk to her i might even just be able to get it off my chest and get some copeing stratagies.

    That is for me cos DH will have to have the 3 children on his day off cos i REFUSE to bring my children into a physicatric ward (thats where her office is and i was bought up around those wards and dont want my children in that).

    Its so uplifing seeing what everyone dose and will be doing.

    Monday is my day off and I usually join a goup of women and we ride our horse and have lunch together. I just need to work out something for every other day of the week.

    It sounds DEVINE :tup:


    I need to do this!

    I bought a new sewing machine 2 weeks ago and I haven’t even got around to threading it yet!:o

    Today is my day off so I am going to do lots of things for me.

    I am going to Spotlight this morning, getting a neck massage this afternoon and I am finally going to read the instructions and play with my new sewing machine. I’m excited.:tup:

    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    I’m totally in! As a SAHM with a 2yr old and 7 month old and being new to the area with no family support, I NEED me time! Throw into the mix that both boys are horrible sleepers (big one night, little one day and night :tdown:) I get horribly exhuasted, but feel terribly guilty if I even think of doing something for me.

    The garden is my little area, but, like GM4L, DS1 decided that he needed to do wees upstairs on the toilet and refused to go next to his “wee tree”, then he decided to do a wee on the tree, but then cried that he still needed to go upstairs and it was doing my head in listening to his tanty, even though he was fine! so we came upstairs and I hardly got anything done!

    So I’m typing while he watches playschool, so ALS will be my me time today! :clap:


    I’m in already too. Is this weird? Just about everything I love doing – cooking, gardening, growing veggies, sewing, reading – benefits everyone else because I get me time and they eat, look at, wear, gain information from what I do.

    I just have to work on that Fairy coming in to do the housework, which we all hate doing 😆

    PS. I have a DH and a DS whose 30, so no little ones running around – guess tha makes it easier.


    I went for my bike ride, enjoyed coffee in the sun by the sea, ah bliss. I did do some shopping on the way home for the kids, but only cause it seemed silly to ride through town and then drive back into town to do the shopping.

    Now for tomorrow……… maybe get my bike out again, or walk the dog in the morning. 😀

    Actually come to think of it I do lots for me, I just don’t always focus on it and be in the moment so it doesn’t have the same benefit.:o I’m often rushing through it because i feel guilty because I’m doing something I want to do. Perhaps I really only need to change my thinking…:clap:


    Definitely Saturday morning garage sales is my ‘me time’. Just browsing away, often not buying anything, but chatting with people about their lovely gardens, sometimes being offered a cutting or two, finding my way around and streets and areas I never knew existed, and best of all, occasionally coming home with my little bargains – last lot being great round containers to for the built up vegie gardens which now excite me to no end as I plant seedlings without much bending! :clap:



    i so wish,everything i do is for others,i would not know what to do for me time,

    i can sympathise with you gothic mumma,my dh is exactly the same

    e.g.he goes for a haircut once a month $10,i have not had a haircut in 3 years,and he whinges if he has to wait a extra week

    lately arguments here are getting to be daily because i dare to speak about all the money he is wasting on car parts

    but i am not allowed to touch my savings meagre as it is :@


    My indulgence today was spending the whole day at quilting, instead of leaving at lunchtime to come home to do some work. A bit of a two-edged indulgence that one, as tomorrow I will have to work double time …:lol::lol:


    Maybe start with something small, luvin, but do it !

    otherwise your resentment will grow – it starts with you

    not another.




    I’ve reached the age of 55 and have absolutely no qualms in spoiling myself which I do on a daily basis. Whether its an hour in the pool daily, always having fresh flowers in the house, wearing luscious perfume, curling up with a good book or just veging out in front of the TV, I make sure I get my chunk of ME time.

    Me, me, me, Its all about me! 😆



    FOr today I’m having a nice G&T :clap:

    sue esue e

    today hubby and i did something for ourselves.dropped youngest son off at school then went over to Cleveland and caught a ferry over to Straddie for the day. had a lovely long walk ,saw numerous dolphins ,turtles,manta rays and a whale. then a nice lunch at the little local foodery, a couple of beers and then home. feel all refreshed and revitalized:tup::tup:


    Oh am i ready for some quality me time:D

    Tonight i will have a soak in the tub and do the whole pamper thing………..defoliting scrub, toenail cut, all over moisterize then curl up in bed with a good book:tup:


    “Walk outside and look at the stars. Feel the cool evening on my face and shoulders. Listen to the frog, sit by the pond. Close my eyes…Take some deep breaths. Breathe out slowly. Sit 5 minutes. Enjoy the smell of the nearby cypress tree. Wander back inside. Keep the lights low. Light some candles. Sit in my arm chair. Call Rosie dog and when she jumps up on my lap, give her a few gentle pats. Have her jump down and sit another 5 minutes, watching the candles flicker and glow… Aaaaah! That feels better already.”:sleep:

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