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    Couldnt agree more Bobbee:tup:

    I know it sounds funny but i like it here, it feels like i belong cos IRL i only know a few people who share the same ideals and i cop flack from others for what i do. My dad was saying how he was so proud of me and talking to me about veggie patches ect and it felt good (my dad and i have had a rough relationship but for the last 7? years its building back up so that made me feel good that he didnt tease and put me down for what im doing cos he gets why im doing it).

    I have put soil and ripped up the front already there garden and put a trlis up of chicken wire and 2 wooden stakes in the middle and 2 star pickets on the ends (i dint have more star pickets so i did wood till i NEED to get more star pickets.)

    The spagetti squash is out there and later when it cools down i will go out and transport 2 x cucumbers (the apple ones are stragleing my tom plants 😆 ) 2 x tom plants & whatever else i can fit out there.

    I have seeds growing in the hot house so i want them out the back as i dont have a fence yet for the front but have shade stuff to help with the heat 🙂

    So hopefully ill finish that today 🙂

    Hows everyone doing?


    I agree Bobbee why people feel the need to do the stuff Geoff was talking about has always amazed me.

    Crazy busy time at work for DH and me along with a run of illnesses in the family nothing serious just the usual stuff you get with kids. So I have been a bit slack about this challenge. I can’t wait till Christmas as I’ve told my boss I’m having 3 weeks off work:D:D:D. Hopefully DH will have some leave too he’s put in for it but he may have to do shutdown work:mad:so they may ask him not to take it. He really needs a break they want him to work every Saturday between now and Christmas.:@ He has trouble saying no.

    I have actually started walking a bit more after tea again since starting this challenge partly for some exersize but also coz I like looking at what is growing in other peoples gardens. I especially like seeing what is doing well in the really neglected ones as it gives me a clue as to what does well with little care in the area. I like it as it gives me time to clear my head and not have to deal with anyone else for 1/2 hour or so. A bonus if the kids have had a bad day and are squabbling.

    I also went away with a couple of girlfriends to Daylesford a couple of weekends ago (after putting it off for years). It was wonderful just not having to deal with the kids for a couple of days and being able to do some Christmas shopping in peace. Just being able to kick back in the afternoon with a glass or 2 of wine was bliss (esp without Mummmm can you ………..).

    And the bonus I got home the kids had been great for DH and the house was CLEANER than when I left:hug::hug::hug: to DH.

    I sat and watched the ladybirds for a few minutes the other day when pulling out some weeds. They have always been one of my favorites. It was the first time I’ve seen them this year.

    sue esue e

    what stuff? gee i don’t get on for a couple of days and miss all the latest? on second thought maybe that’s a good thing:| have been really busy since i retired – don’t know how i found time to go to work. have been working my bum off in the yard and even though it has been really hard slog it has been wonderful. it’s funny how hard physical labour is so satisfying especially when the changes and results are so tangible(lots of good healthy food) so even though it is considered work i think i could say that i have been doing exactly what i want all this week.


    Kerrieb said:

    What a terrific idea Kerrie. :tup: And you’re ‘killing three birds with one stone’.

    re your Daylesford weekend – ‘need a lolling back disgustingly serene and smug emoticon here’…… I did that a couple of years ago and it was

    sooooooooooooo good. We attended the spa and floated and wallowed away in the water, we had massages and one really, really fab dinner out……… :tup::tup:

    Mean while, back in the real world, I do so enjoy watching the clouds through the day and at night the stars are magnificent with, every so often, an aeroplane puttering along with its lights flashing. That is my regular gift to myself.


    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Jumping in late to this one, but I think it is such a lovely idea that it deserves a second wind.

    I have been sewing all week every chance I get. I have a project on the go.

    I usually would put housework higher on the priority list, and I do like the effect it has of making a calm and orderly house, but it does not feed the soul the way something creative does -for me at least!

    sue esue e

    couldn’t agree more EMW. i too am enjoying havig a little less chaos in the house now that i am home and have ben slowly getting things organized after years of lurching from one mess to another. however, having said that i am thinking it is time to start some creative activity “pour moi”. i got the sewing machine cranked up again this week to make some bags to cover various fruits etc and that has got me thinking i will dig my quilt out and do a bit more on that. have been doing it for about 6 years now i think. lots of applique. these things take time eh?

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    They sure do, sue e. They sure do.

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