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    This is in response to the ‘No Challenge’ thread … It’s not my idea, but thought I’d start a thread and hope no-one minds.

    The challenge for the end of October and going into November is to every day try to do something for you. Not for your partner or kids or work, but for yourself.

    I’ll start – today I organised to have every Friday afternoon off work after my psychologist appointment so that I can process and have some ‘me’ time. And my promise to myself is not to let anyone else take that time up – it’s time for me to get on my motorbike and ride or find some water to swim in.

    It’s nice to know that tomorrow I will do something else just for me.

    How about you? Who wants to join in?


    Me, though I am getting pretty good at doing something nice for me these days. Today I have opened that bottle of red I got for my B’day and am sitting, sipping it as I contemplate tomorrow’s activities (quilting being the main one).


    I’m in, this is something I’m pretty bad at.

    So tomorrow I’m getting my bike out and going for a ride along the coast and then having coffee at a yummy coffee shop before riding back home.:tup:

    Can’t plan any furhter ahead than 1 day.:|

    Thanks Herbman for starting this thread.


    Oh ME I’m in! After a looong evening with way overtired young children, bedtime antics and a rotten house… I’m definately IN:(


    Thanks, this is a good motivator.

    Every day I will not only find something for myself (I get plenty of me time anyway as a single!) but will find something to prepare myself for next year, when I move up north.

    Today I started volunteering at the local community landcare nursery to pick up my old skills in the nursery/ in land conservation, and to pick up some new skills. Have spent 2 hours potting up some native seedlings and am hoping to help with some seed collection in the next few months.

    The station I am moving to is involved with seed collection, supplying seed to the local mining companies, so it will be good to get my skills there up to scratch.

    I also bought some Zucchini seeds to grow as part of my new TAFE course Growing Vegetables in a Sustainable Garden. Was trying to find something tasty, plus something that would be ready before the end of the course (7 weeks).

    Haven’t got much planned for tomorrow, however will spend it working on my assignments for my other TAFE course- my business plan is due in in a fortnight and still have a fair bit of work to go.

    Plus I am still working on my cleaning and slowly sorting things out for next year.

    Bit of a jumbled post, but can you blame me with all the different projects I have going? 🙂


    zippy wrote:

    Oh ME I’m in! After a looong evening with …. bedtime antics I’m definately IN:(

    :tup: ME TOO!! and after reading Zippy’s quote I have found inspiration for me time too (generally spent working until the wee hours when ALL are asleep) :shrug: bit rude I know but first thing that popped into my mind! :jawdrop: Oh and I might have lunch in the sun tomorrow too rather than in my office – just to be decadent. 😀


    PS Herbman – a wonderful idea. I used to do this about 20 years ago. Once a week do a 1 hour me only session and it is absolutely very therapeutic. We don’t think about ourselves much at all these days. Good on you for suggesting it :tup:


    Wonderful idea! Count me in.

    Not sure where to start really, Maybe a trip out of the office to the Salvos shop at lunch time might be nice. :tup:


    I’m in:tup: Today I had a loooooooooooooooverly relaxing facial using a gift voucher I was given last xmas. I then spent the rest of the day NOT working and also had a lovely lunch in “town” (Albury) with DH. NOICE!!!


    Im soooooo in 🙂

    Thanks HM for this thread.

    I will spend time in the vegie patch tomorrow and fenceing it in to keep more vegies from being ripped out :p

    Plus with my veggie patches i feel the biggest sense of achivement and i know it wont talk back to me, say NO or be nasty 😆

    Its peacefull for me :shy:

    sue e

    great idea herbman. i already do something for myself every day. each afternoon i get home from work change into my daggy gear , make myself a cuppa and log into ALS. Now i’m not gonna feel guilty about it any more cos i’m not wasting time -i’m doing something for me! :clap::clap:


    each morning I get up half an hour before everyone else, and I sit quietly and catch up on the forums that I love. Me time 🙂


    I am very bad at this!

    hmm every day you say!

    Monday is my day off and I usually join a goup of women and we ride our horse and have lunch together. I just need to work out something for every other day of the week. I love this, but isn’t it difficult???? I mean, as a Mum I am supposed to be thinking of everyone else!

    Will ponder some more and work on the remaining days of he week when I do not get me time.


    PMLOL!! I started doing something for me from last Australia Day!! :tup::tup:

    Actually what I do for “just me” is save all my gold coins “daily” and once a fortnight I get a fairy to come in and do my bathrooms and floors… She is so quick at it that she now does another little job each visit, eg kitchen window, dusts the grooves on the doors, a couple of fans are just some she’s been doing…

    I have to admit though about feeling very guilty about it, so now thanks to H-man I won’t anymore!! :tup:

    I have also decided to sew every day or at least attempt to… Just for me!!

    E, you have a very lovely Monday, sounds wonderful!!


    baringapark wrote:

    I mean, as a Mum I am supposed to be thinking of everyone else!

    Strictly speaking, doing something for yourself does help those who you are supposed to be thinking of. If you constantly give and never tend your own garden, then you become ill. Either physically or psychicly. So the first good thing you can do for yourself is give yourself that realisation.:hug:


    Oh I’m definitley in! I am going to divert both my phones, get out of the house so my relatives cannot find me, and do something I enjoy. Starting today!

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