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DIY water tanks – 950 litres for $174.

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    PeterD that’s what my friend got hers for – storing oats etc and she also stores winter clothes and pretty much anything else you need to store to keep it ‘as is’ and free from water, bugs, creepy crawlies etc

    Can I ask how you set it up for grains? As in, do you use that as your main storage and fill smaller containers for house/animal use? Or do you use the barrels themselves and take what you need right from it? if that makes sense…

    Bandicoot Valley, ours came in a co-op with someone else. They have a minimum order amount and give you a week’s notice for a set pickup date and time. Looks like they’re not running it for a while yet so the next array is a little while of for us. Our barrels were $10 each with lids, but we’re not near you so prob no help there 🙂

    Adrian, hi. Well for us it was a choice between 950 litres or no tank at all.


    It wasn’t a choice between DIY 950 litres or buy a ready-made 10,000 litre tank – not everyone has the latter option available. It was 950 litres or nothing. We don’t have the money to spare for a huge outlay, so we put aside the time and effort instead. As money and barrel availability permits, we’ll be adding more down the side of the house, with no plans to ‘scrap’ the effort and result we’ve put in so far. Obviously if you have the money to just pop down to the local and get a 10,000 litre slim line tank then that’s great 🙂 and a brilliant way to harvest our precious rainwater.


    Instead of using the screw ins for inserting the tees into the barrels you can get ‘Grommets’ that are made of rubber. Make the hole the correct size, insert the ‘Grommet’ and then push the ‘Bayonet’ fitting into the ‘Grommet’. No silicon required.

    A word of warning. Talk to a supplier that knows what you are after and ask what size hole is required for the size ‘Grommet’ you are going to use. Purchase an extra ‘Grommet’ and use it as a trial on another piece of plastic before you go digging into your tank.


    Hi again Freddog.

    Thanks for the idea. I can’t remember if it’s one we ruled out then, or ruled in as a possibility for next time. I’ll check with my husband.

    One of the other people who’d done a few barrel arrays, I think he said something about grommets, so I’ll head off to find out which we he went with them.

    Cheers 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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