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    My first tutorial, hope you can follow it!

    you’ll need some safety glasses, hardwood, woodsaw, hacksaw, electric drill and a selection of bits, an empty wine bottle, bench vice,wood chisel 8 or 10mm wide and sharp!, pliers, wire 2.8mm dia & 2mm dia, ruler, marking pencil,paper, hammer, and a centre punch

    1. I started out with a 75mmx50mm Jarrah offcut, any hard wood will do

    if it’s round to begin with all the better.

    2. Cut it to 30x30x100 long, use whatever saw you have

    3. Put it in your vice

    4. Take the corners off with your wood chisel, or plane if you have one

    5. Get it as round as you can

    6. The spindle is a piece of rod 50mm long, it can be any size between about 6 to 10 mm dia, and you need a drill about 0.5mm smaller, eg 6mm rod 5.5mm drill

    7. Drill a hole in the centre of the end of the wood, 25mm deep, mark on the wood, then bang your spindle in, it needs to be tight

    8. Clamp your drill in the vice, must be secure, but don’t squeeze it too tight! the wood has to turn toward you, anticlockwise when looking at he end of the wood…. hope you get that……

    9. Make a tool rest from whatever you have lying around, clamp it to the bench, the top edge of the tool rest needs to be about the thickness of your chisel below the centreline of the wood, and about 5mm from the wood, the tool rest has to be secure

    10. Ok note the orientation of the chisel, has to be that way up, or it won’t cut, also make sure it is sharp

    11. Now your ready to do some wood turning, SAFETY GLASSES on, and make sure the drill and tool rest are secure,switch the drill on high speed and lock it on,note the hand positions, ok if this is your first time, hold

    the chisel firmly down on the tool rest, and GENTLY push the chisel in, it will be noisey and the chips will fly!

    12. Move the chisel along the work, taking very small cuts

    13. Small cuts, and gently, starting to get a feel for it?

    14. Nearly there!

    15. Ok got to the end, move your tool rest in

    16. Keep turning till the wood is between 25 and 30mm dia

    17. Now you can start shaping your stopper, watch the upper edge and silhouette, gently shape

    18. It’s about the right shape and a bit oversize, that’s what we want,it’s a bit rough but it doesn’t matter, bit of chatter (vibration) with the drill, in a lathe it would be much smoother

    19. Cut the end off with your hacksaw, the drill is still running when you do this

    20. She’s off

    21. Out of the chuck and into the vice, mark a nice straight line, at 90 deg to the grain,NOT like mine it’s with the grain :blush: , this will make it less likely to chip the wood when you drill it

    22. Drill it dia 3.5 or 4mm, line up on your marked line, get a helper to look in the other plane and make sure your drill bit is parallel with the top of the stopper, don’t worry if it chips a little bit, that’s why we left it rough

    23. Back in the chuck, fire up the drill, start with coarse paper, and work your way down to fine in small steps, finish off with really fine paper and even a fine steelo

    24. Get it as smooth as you can

    25. Oil it to preserve, cooking oil, linseed or beeswax would be really good, hold a rag soaked in oil under the work with the drill running, be super careful the rag doesn’t get wrapped around the work…..:awch:

    26. Finished….. well the top anyway:clap: cut off and hand smooth

    I’ll continue to edit this thread for part 2

    please please post pics of your results (my reward) :tup:

    have fun and be careful……..;)

    Cheers Mike

    Ok next part

    27. Some of the things you’ll need, 25mm o.d. tube, 32mm o.d. tube

    wine bottle and wire

    28. This piece of tube is 25mm o.d. (same as the wine bottle neck), it’s about 120mm long, you need to drill two 4mm dia holes exactly opposite each other, cut a strip of paper and mark a spot on it and the tube, then wrap the paper around the tube, and mark the second spot where the first spot is

    29. Now unwrap the piece of paper, and divide the distance between the two marks, re-wrap and mark the tube

    30. Centre punch both sides and drill

    31. Tube in the vice, 75mm x 3.75 dia nail through the holes, get your 2mm diam wire pull it tight around the tube, then bend it around the nail, both sides

    32. Take the wire off the tube and, remove any distortion, it should lay flat on the bench, and the pivot holes should line up

    33. Nice and straight

    34. Back on the tube and give it a half twist

    35. Trim off the ends

    36. Stretch your pivot over the bottle neck, then make up the little jig from the 2.8mm wire, it’s there so when you twist the wire up tight the pivot holes don’t close up

    37. Give it one full twist

    38. Cut off the ears, straighten out any distortion, and file off sharp edges

    39. Pivot is finished

    40. This tube is a bit bigger, 32mm o.d., make it the same way as the other tube, then bend the thicker 2.8mm diam wire around, needs to end up at 90 degrees, instead of the full 180 as per the pivot

    41. Bend the legs in at 90 degrees, these pliers have a jaw width of about 10mm

    42. Cut the excess wire off, need a gap equal to, or a bit smaller than the neck of the bottle, file off any sharp edges

    43. Lever finished

    44. Fit the lever up to the bottle

    45. Make the rubber seal, I used a washer to mark it out, 25mm o.d. 12mm i.d. the rubber is about 2mm thick

    46. Marked out and ready to cut, easy if you have some wad punches, but scissors will do

    47. Fit the seal onto the stopper

    48. Stopper on the bottle, only one bit left to do

    49. Use the 2.8mm dia wire and about 180mm long

    50. Bend to the angle pictured, then get the second bend as close to the stopper as you can, I used some narrow pliers

    51. Should look similar to this

    52. This is hard to judge, if the legs are too long it won’t seal, too short, and it just wont go over centre, start long you can always shorten it

    53. This is what the hooks, or stirrup should look like

    54. Fit the stopper up

    55. Clip it down and see if it works

    56. Finished…….:D

    Well that’s it done 😛


    Wow.. I don’t think I’ve seen a drill used like that before.

    They are great pic’s,… Thankyou Mike :clap:


    Humbug wrote:

    Wow.. I don’t think I’ve seen a drill used like that before.

    They are great pic’s,… Thankyou Mike :clap:

    got a new camera, just testing the macro and super macro functions:tup:


    WOW Mike How clever is that!!!!!!!!!!!!:jawdrop::clap::clap::clap::clap:


    Glad you like it

    have a go!


    That is so cool – amazing work :tup::tup::tup:


    Wow!!! :jawdrop: At first I was thinking what’s it for… took me a while to work out and cannot believe how ‘easy’ it is… I wanna try!

    Now I am relieved that there’s a way to make and use stoppers when TSHTF! lol…

    Thanks so much, Mike – I am also a visual person so your pics are really a big help – so now I gotta figure out how I could print it all out for future reference… :confused:

    Thanks! :hug:


    Wow!! Very, very awesome work. Love it! :metal:


    OUTSTANDING tutorial :tup::tup::tup::tup:

    veggie boy

    I know this was posted a while back, but had to still comment. Excellent work.


    wow, what an effort 😀 And great detail.


    Yeah .. not bad …. …………..

    oh well ok .. it was damn awesome.:metal::metal:


    Thanks for the compliments folks

    always nice to get a bit of feedback:D


    wow.. I can’t believe you did all that! that’s amazing, great job!


    Finally got around to creating a new photo album and uploading and relinking the images to this tutorial

    Thanks for your help Geoff

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