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DIY round bale feeder

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    hmmm- there is meant to be text in that box….

    Anyway, here’s what I meant to say….

    HINT- for those of us feeding our livestock (  makes me sound like a
    real farmer when I talk of my ‘livestock’ rather than my ONE milking cow
    and her calf) round bales who cant afford to part with the $300 plus
    for a round bale feeder try putting four star pickets in around the bale
    when you first put it in the paddock. This stops the cows playing with
    it and potentially unrolling the entire thing which then becomes
    ‘bedding’ in their eyes and they lay all over it and poop all over it
    and wont eat it .

    Last month’s round bale was put in the paddock
    at the top of the hill- now my cow sees new round bales as a toy so she
    proceeded to start pushing it around….and it started rolling down the
    hill…towards the dam.  Having just paid roughly $100 for said bale and
    delivery I wasnt keen for it to be wasted like that so I raced over to
    hold it. So here I was, on the downhill slope with the dam behind me and
    my naughty cow merrily pushing this 300 odd kg round bale around having
    a whale of a time trying to stop it going into the dam. Beloved was at
    work, all the kids were at school. I was an a pickle.

    She finally
    got bored with the bale sports and went back to grazing, I managed to
    wedge my boots under the leading edge of the bale to stop it rolling
    further and was stomping back to the house to turn the hot wire back on
    when the neighbour across the road drove past, eyeballing me in my
    bright purple socks and bright red face.
    :)) :)) X( :-O


    Pity there was no one around to film the event, where is a teenager with a mobile when you need one! Glad you saved the bale GirlFriday


    It was funny after the fact believe me 🙂  Not so funny when I was propping up the bale wondering how the hell I was going to get it back up the hill by myself >:-/


    I know the feeling as I am often alone at our property and it can be frustrating when something goes wrong. Sometimes I do see the funny side of things later, but often not at the time of the event.


    Thats for sure!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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