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    Here is some very useful information I thought I should share with everyone. It is from the Green Painters website. They were recently in the green environment awards.

    The following is one of many tips they have in the DIY guides they have-

    “You can reduce the amount of paint you buy by accurately estimating the amount of paint you will need, avoiding wastage.

    Calculate the surface area by measuring the length multiplying it by the height or width.

    Eg. A ceiling 10 meters X 4 meters = 40m2

    Subtract 1-2 square meters for each window or door.

    Multiply this by the number of coats needed. Allow for any primer coats, or undercoats needed.

    Eg. 40m2 X 3 coats = 120m2

    Divide this by the coverage rate for the paint. Eg. 12m2/L

    120m2 / 12 = 10 litres

    This is the total number of litres needed for this surface.

    Allow 1.5 litres for three coats on a standard door

    Tip: Always buy a sample pot to make sure you are happy with the colour before purchasing the amount you need. Check the sample colour in various lighting conditions on the surface you want to paint”

    Hope this helps someone.


    It will! Thanks. I need to do some redecorating but still have paint left overs in the cupboard from the last lot some years ago. :tup:


    Just been to Green Painters excellent web site. I have never seen this topic on ALS before and it’s very relevant to living sustainably.Many areas have registered Green Painters if you are not into DIY.


    Here is another good resource for painters.

    Painters– National Painting and Decorating Institute.

    Like Green Painters this is an Australian initiative for environmentally friendly painting, but this includes decorators and the like as well. Actually I think that the Green Painters website is more environmentally conscious, and this is for the broader audience of painters.

    Hopefully if you liked the Green Painters website, this one will be of interest as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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