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Dishwasher advice please

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    Hi all

    I need your advice on which dishwasher is a very good one to buy. But this is Aussies living Simply, so I feel i owe a short explanation.

    We moved into our current house, and didn’t realise at the time how low the kitchen sink was. This was due to the previous owner being about 5 foot nohing and my wife and I being 5 foot 9. Suffice to say, whenever any of us wash the dishes, we end up with quite huge back pain from leaning over all the time. This means more pain killer usage and an even greater dread of washing the dishes.

    Our long term goal is a muli-thousand dollar kitchen re-do, but we don’t have that currently. So we thought that perhaps a short term “fix” might be to get a dishwasher. But we’ve had a very bad experience with a dishlex in the past. I’d appreciate knowing of any dishwashers which

    * actually wash all the dishes pretty much every time

    * don’t sound like a manufacturing factory

    * have a decent warranty

    * have a good reputation, either from you and/or people you know

    Can anyone advise? Thanks 🙂


    We’ve got a Bosch Lifestyle Automatic. It was recommended to us by a friend who had similar criteria for selection that you have. It is so quiet that when we first started using it, we kept checking that it was on – you can only hear it when it clicks between cycles, and even then barely. It’s got a separate cutlery drawer that you lay your cutlery in which makes sure it cleans well – much better than the cutlery baskets. It cleans extremely well and being a Bosch has an excellent reputation for quality and warranty. We’ve had ours for several years now and nothing has ever gone wrong with it.


    Stay well away from Whirlpool then- nothing but trouble from the very start.


    Dear wife reckons I should outlast even those nearly superior mechanical dishwashers! 😉


    Thanks folks for your replies. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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