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    Is anybody a member of Diggers?

    Do you find it to be good value?

    I have been thinking about joining so that I could have a look at their magazines, but never having seen one I don’t really know if it would be worth the money.


    I guess it depends on what you want from them. I signed up years ago and my membership is still going. I find the magazines ok. Obviously the mags are very much in line with what they believe. I find the seeds I have bought in the past old and not many shoot. I don’t order from them any more as the plants simply take months to arrive yet they take the money out of your account straight away :shrug: . So I guess it depends on what you want out of it.


    I’m glad you have written that MistyHollows, I was starting to wonder why I am waiting so long! I order lots on line and usually have no issues with delivery!

    The magazines don’t have much info in. I do however love some of their books, you pay for them and don’t need to be a member. I hope that is not true about their seeds! I will be extremely disappointed if the seeds I have planted and bought for spring don’t grow 🙁

    Depending on what you are after, I highly recommend Daleys Nursery for plants.

    Judi B

    I was a member a while ago and I wasn’t overly impressed with the seeds some grew well but some were poor with maybe 10% germination.

    The magazines were OK but for better information check online just google and you have info overload.


    I was a member when I lived in Melbourne and was happy,prefer to get my seeds from a seller in a warmer climate when I moved to Qld.


    I was really disappointed when I ordered Rosella seeds and they turned into okra.


    I second that it’s better to buy your plants from Daleys. I use them now for fruit trees along with Woodbridges in Tassie who are awesome. Seeds from Eden seeds or Greenharvest only.

    The books are good but from memory Greenharvest also have most of the same books or you can get them at fishpond or other online shops.

    I wouldn’t pay their fee just for the mag though. Not worth the $$. I certainly won’t be renewing my subscription when it expires.


    I won’t either.Daley’s were super quick to send a seedling tree, superbly packed.Green Harvest always seem to get a good rap for seeds.

    Judi B

    I too get my seeds from Green Harvest and Eden and they are great, I have just placed an order with a new seed company to see how they are 4Seasons Seeds.


    Judi, can you do a quick review on 4Seasons when you get some results please



    I get my seeds from Pheonix Seeds in Tasmania. I used them when we were in NSW as well and have had excellent results and they are very fast in sending the seed.


    mauzi post=345150 wrote: I get my seeds from Pheonix Seeds in Tasmania. I used them when we were in NSW as well and have had excellent results and they are very fast in sending the seed.

    Mauzi, have you tried the Lost Seed – they seem to be based in Tasmania

    maybe shouldn’t have gone off topic, – hope you see this lol


    I’ve been a member with diggers for years and years and I’ve no complaints with them, I do find there are things in the magazines that inspire me (I don’t always read them when I get them but will eventually get to it) but I too have been experiencing a poor germination rate. I’m not renewing my membership now because if you don’t buy heaps and heaps of seeds from them it works out cheaper to pay the extra “non members” cost, also there is a diggers shop now in the Adelaide botanic gardens so I can purchase what I like when we go there. I think I might try some other places for seeds and see if the germination rate is any better – I thought it was just my lack of attention or the climate/timing of the planting.

    I never had a problem with the ordering process, they have always been prompt and the only time I had to wait was when I ordered something before time, i.e. trees or cane berries – they only send them out at certain times in the year and those times are busy because they are sending all the orders out!!! I did find that after a while all the info in their catalogues about seeds and trees etc was the same but really the info doesn’t change and you can only present it in so many different ways so I’ve cut out all the relevant info from the magazines and filed it accordingly, I shall simply spend the money I would have spent on membership on seeds from somewhere else, or maybe books or something each year! Most of the info is online anyway for free.


    Yes Daley’s are superfast, even interstate. Funnily enough I have just had a despatch notice from diggers 🙂 Looking forward to some of my new seeds, chickpeas is probably the most exciting for me, my kids eat tonnes of chickpeas and hummus! Homemade hommus will be great!


    I have bought garlic bulbs and from the last catalogue some blueberry plants. They were a bit ragged but have now recovered. The postage was very prompt; only 6 days from VIC to QLD. Can’t say much on the seeds I bought as haven’t planted them yet.

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