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    I was wondering about the use of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) for using on my chickens and in there food maybe once a month as a preventative.

    For some reason i juts cant get the thought out of my head ‘if it kills bugs by sharply cutting them up , wont it also affect the gut/intestines ect of the birds as well as humans if I accidently inhale some”

    Im guessing the bad affect for animals (if there is one) wont be seem straightaway, I guess cumalative and maybe lead to a shorter life span than a normal healthy chicken.

    So i was wondering has anyone being useing DE as a natural alternative to mites/lice/fleas/intestinal worms for a long period of time? Any information with personal use would be great :tup: 😛


    Hi there,

    I read your poat and decided to goodle DE and found this site.

    It is chocked with info. I think I might take it myself?



    That site defiantly wins people over, now to find a supply close to Perth :p

    Thanks for the great info/site


    It is great stuff but almost impossible to find where I am. People do not like change out this way, if their ancestors did not do something then they will not even consider looking into it.

    I would be careful not to breathe it in as it will irritate the lining of your lungs somewhat. I would also be careful that it is not put somewhere that chickens will be scratching as they will constantly stir it up into the air and breathe it in, over time that may effect their lungs.

    I know a few people who used to put it in a tray and let their quail dust bathe in it, they would only do that for a day and then take it out again so that the birds would recover. I do not know how long they use between applications. I know one man who left it in all the time, his quail all got a respiratory illness and he was certain it was the DE that caused it (although it may have been an unrelated cold or something). After that he only put it in for a day every now and again.

    Like any treatment or preventative for anything, use common sense, do not over use it or over rely on it, and it will be fine.


    There is a supplyer close to Perth and their ad in on this site


    What would be the differences between food grade and non food grade?

    I know you have to be careful on the chrystaline silica content but none of that information is on the bucket I got so that makes it a bit hard.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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