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Diagram Needed for Wood Stove's Hot Water Connection

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    I have tried just then to contact ALS for help from the 3 yrs old posts (Bella) which said they obtained the informations.

    We have already connected a solar water system last year and connected it to the wood heater with a flue water jacket. That has worked very well. Since now we have obtained an Everhot 204 stove which included a water tank for our extension, we are not sure yet if we should keep them separate or connect them together. We may decide to just connect them both to the solar roof tank and ignore the Everhot cylinder since that would have to be put pretty high on a stand since all the pipes are under the roof. Yet an extra storage tank would be good to have installed.


    Good idea to contact ALS.. and heartening to know you’ve got wood stove/solar connections working.

    There’s an everhot 204 for sale in Healsville VIC on ebay!… I have written to the seller offering to pay postage and knit them a pair of socks if they will send copy of any manual they may have.

    Would buy a second one for my yurt camp if were not silly to try to get a ton to the Sunshine Coast.

    Last time (year ago) I asked Thassos in WA if he had a manual, he didn’t.


    If you still need this diagram contact us

    Regards peter



    GDay, We are attempting to retro fit an Everhot 204 into our home. We are stumpted on how it all works and where all the water flows. Could I please ask anyone who has a diagram for the flow or an instruction manual to please offer your advice. All suggestions or tips would be appreciated. We have a dual heat source hot water system (240V and wet back). We also have the copper cistern which feeds the hot water service. and we have the stove itself. Now we need to put it all together. A schematic diagram, and instruction manual would be valued in this project. Many thanks for any help or suggestions.


    Hiya Bully,

    Here is a link to the PRI forum, where there has been a bit of a discussion around the use of an Everhot.. Haven’t been able to find a manual as yet.. Will keep my eyes out.


    Hi guys. If anyone has found a manual for the everhot I would greatly appreciate a copy also. Need to move ours from the shed to the kitchen. Winter is coming and electricity prices are on the rise! Need to make sure we install it properly so that we are covered by insurance. Don’t really want to blow ourselves up either 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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