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Diagram Needed for Wood Stove's Hot Water Connection

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    Hi All!

    We’re finally ready to install our wood stove purchased last year. It’s an Everhot Deluxe 204 with a hot water system. We have copies of the installation and user manuals (Huxter09 from ALS copied and sent them to me, thank you!)… But all it says in the installation guide is to make sure the hot water system is connected before running the stove.

    My husband is a plumber and asked me to ask here if anyone out there can provide a diagram showing HOW to connect the hot water system to the stove. Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance!

    arvee rudra

    Hi Bella, I have this same stove. I had a look at my guide and page 10 covers the basic installation requirements. If you have the same guide then I guess this is not much help to you. I’ve tried to put a pic of the page below for you to compare just in case you don’t have it.


    Thanks!!! I’ve fwd to the boss and will see what he says. :tup:


    Thank you! That’s perfect! xx

    arvee rudra

    Excellent ! Wishing you many years of trouble free use of your stove.

    regards, Arv


    Oooh can’t wait to see pics of this baby in use Bel! :tup:


    Thanks bella for starting this thread and arvee rudra for putting up those great plans from your EverHot manual.

    I am at the stage of thinking about my Hot water, and you have given me some great ideas.



    we have an Everhot 204 ( not sure if you mean a 204 it looks the same :confused: ) and have basically the same setup except ours is connected to a solar HWS on the roof,

    If at all possible you should try an do the same then you have free hot water all the year :tup: we have disconnected the booster on our solar !

    Our solar was second hand in 2000 and still going strong with the above being a low pressure system 😀 and we even have limey water !

    we do have a pressure reduction valve instead of the small float tank

    two year ago we thought of buying a new stove and had a good look at the Thermolux range – but in the end we decided they are no where near as good as the Everhot and had our Everhot done up instead by Charles Motas

    is you ever need any parts Charles ships all over Australia



    We’ve moved into a house with an everhot 204 – tried to light it up but it smoked the whole house out. We’ve since cleaned the chimney but had the same result.

    Does anyone have any ideas or know where we can get hold of an instruction book? At the moment we are just guessing without much success.


    I had one of these just loved it.

    There is a small opening under the oven if I remember rightly.

    This needs to be cleaned out as residue collects there.

    Under the hot plate, over the oven, needs to be kept clean too.

    Mine was connected to a solar outfit,


    Hi Bella,

    I have just bought an Everhot Deluxe 204 with hot water system too. Would you be able to forward copies of installation and user manuals as well as instruction to connect hot water system, please? It would be much appreciated.



    am about to install the hot water tank to my everhot 204 but find the page for hot water installation is

    half torn off.

    Could you please help out with a copy?

    Many thanks in hope.



    I wish I could help as I need one myself and don’t even have a half torn sheet. Please let me know if you get a copy or instructions from somewhere. Do you have instructions for installing the Everhot 204 stove itself?

    Hopeful too.



    Would you please scan and post the half torn page? Maybe we can figure out what is missing.


    OK, shall try to copy half torn page and other bits if you need them.. scanner not working at the moment..

    will let you know as soon as I copy it and/or locate a diagram/installation info replacement.

    Good idea to put heads together… am determined to get solar on roof and stove connected to

    the one water tank which we are just getting up on the roof.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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