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    :jawdrop: need urgent advice, after a colonoscophy told I had hemorrhoids no advice given and cannot see Doctor until mid May, currently have severe stomach pains, no trouble passing stools only the continuous urge to do so and a lot of difficult ‘wind’, watch my diet as in the past constipation was the problem so gather the straining led to hemorrhoids – diet is oatmeal for breakfast lotsa fruit and veggies little meat, soy/linseed bread, drink tons water, walk daily – have cut back on intake of Physllium as this has lead to hard stone like stools.

    One small exposed hemorrhoid currently treating with hemorrhoid cream from the chemist.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


    When was your colonoscopy? It will sometimes cause stomach aches and wind for a couple of days.

    If the wind, constipation and stomach pains are an ongoing thing maybe you should investgate a dietary problem like gluten intolerence or something.

    Just my 2 cents, I am not a doctor.


    i’d remove all grains, it may just be the thing you need to remove all IBS symptoms (and reduce the need for a colonoscopy in the future)


    🙁 You poor thing. On the subject of IBS I have found it has helped to remove yeast from my diet, your bread may not be helping either with not only the yeast but linseeds. Small grains can irritate your innards :whistle: if you have IBS. Jusy my 2 cents. I’ve recently changed to mountain bread (yep the flat stuff) and can occasionally tolerate sourdough (plain not grains). Watch the brassica intake ie. cabbage and the obvious beans :blink: 😆 and perhaps have oats in a plain not toasted muesli with some dried fruit and nuts for brekkie with a good dollop of yoghurt on top for some extra goodies. Some fruits can be an issue as well. Pears are good. Strawberries and raspberries with small seeds in them could be an issue with pain etc etc as could an excess citrus. Moderation is the key and finding out what works and what doesn’t :S :laugh: :hug: . Hope you feel better soon.


    Drink aloe vera before each meal -blend a little piece of fresh aloe in water

    Use witch hazel anointment


    I second ditching grains, that includes your oatmeal & bread. This is all diet related IMO. Increase good fats like butter and coconut oil. I have done this and my digestion and gut have improved beyond belief. Good luck xo


    I have been told by a friend that some hemmorrhoids can be fixed up by washing the backside with cool to cold water after going to the toilet. It apparently shrinks the blood vessels .



    I have had terrible problems like this in the past. I went and saw a Traditional Chinese Herbal Doctor who put me onto some fantastic herbal tablets that got rid of them within the day. My diet and lifestyle was also looked at. In my experience, western doctors have no idea what to do. It is all about $$$$$$ for them.


    I third 😆 ditching grains as well. I stopped pretty much all grains, very occasionally eat some rice but no wheat or bread and I have never felt better…..good to hear you had the same response E. I was also having trouble with hemorrhoids and since this change in diet this has completely healed so in my case it was diet related. I also find a handful of nuts per day helps enormously as well. Hope you feel better soon, it is a terrible thing and the stats are amazingly high for people who suffer this problem.


    try also eating some healthy oily foods like 1/2 avocado and a small tin of tuna each day – that might help with bowel motions


    Hemorrhoids gave me a very sore lower back. I had no idea what was giving me the back problems, actually blaming it on my new bed. I treated the hemorrhoids with anusol suppositories, and hey presto, no more sore lower back!! :cheer:

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