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Dairy goats in milk WA

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    We are in WA about 100km north of Perth and we breed British Alpine dairy goats. BAs are known for their long lactations. I have had does milk for 4 years after kidding. They also have higher butter fat levels than average sanaans.

    I am just working out my breedings for this year and some does will be for sale either in kid or later on in the year in full milk. Our goats are all part of our family and are well handled and very friendly. They are in good health and have been tested as negative for CAE. All are registered with the DGSA. They are good quality stock and a doe bred by us was Supremem dairy doe at last years Perth Royal plus won the best udder first lactation.

    All come with a money back guarantee and we will take them back if the buyer is not satisfied for any reason. You can buy cheaper goats in the Quokka but they are reasonably priced for quality and a good home is our most important consideration ……. I hate selling them but need to make more room for young ones coming on ……..


    Sorry there are no replies yet Ggang.

    Have you tried Gumtree, or the various farmer/stock selling websites?



    Hi Andre

    At this stage I am not going to worry about advertising them ……… as I said a good home is the most important consideration and I am in no hurry ………

    I just thought it worth a post here as many times people here say they would love a milking goat ………


    I’m very interested G-gang…

    We are renting on 4acres. I’d need to check with landlord…

    We’re here for as long as it takes for our houses to sell… then onto some land further south.

    Keep me in mind when the time comes please?


    will defintely keep you in mind Erthgirl :tup: goats do need company so you would need either 2 does or else a whether to keep her company

    I should have mentioned I do also have several whethers that would be available but again only to caring homes ……….


    Ggang are British Alpines the breed of goats that sometimes come into lactation even without having a kid? :shrug: Or was the info I was reading talking about another breed of goat. :shrug:

    We had goats years ago, the ‘ordinary’ white no-name goat as far as I know. They were wonderful family pets and gave great milk. :tup: The Billy’s were no use as a pet though, as soon as they hit maturity they became VERY belligerent. Even the gorgeous little fellow who was one of the twins from a very gentle and loving mother. :S

    The other twin, Clara, went on to live with us for many happy years. :hug:

    Best of luck with finding good homes for your goats, I love the way folk on this site are, mostly, more interested in their creatures finding good homes, not just the grab for cash. :hug:



    Hi Bobbee

    Alpines do quite often develop an udder at about 12 month old. It does contain milk and if you start milking them they will continue to produce without kidding. I have never milked a “maiden udder” as it is called, but most of my young does do see to develop one. They are not the only dairy breed that will do this ……….

    The other interesting thing that strongly bred milking lines throw up is bucks that

    develop milk :jawdrop: there was an interesting article in the Goat World about it last year.

    I want to breed whethers that milk 😆 😆


    just bumping this because we are nearly ready to sell some does in milk to approved homes only

    we also have 2 top quality young bucks for sale and maybe one doe kid ………..


    Hi Ggang

    Do you have a mated doe to sell? How much is a milking doe and a doe-ling. I am moving down to Albany in a few weeks,hopefully on some land just out of town.




    Hi HT

    its the wrong time of the year for BA to be mated they have a very definate winter cycle from April until about Aug

    but my does in milk now will keep milking through until at least 2014……… I usually only kid them every second year

    A milking doe is $600 and any doe bought from me can come back for a service by one of my bucks for free fo her next kidding ………. I dont have a doelings I want to sell at this stage but I do have a doe kid I will sell after weaning for $450


    I bet once word gets out, your girls will be quickly on their way to new homes! If only I saw an announcement like this in Vic 😉


    jaydatoo their are many reliable breeders in vic ……… if you want a quality milker you could try an add on


    Thanks. I didn’t try this past season (gave up!) but year before there was NOTHING available 🙁


    Hi ggang, just came across this website. I know you’ve posted this in 2012, but do you still breed British Alpine’s??

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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