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Cute Cows

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    Good luck 🙂


    Have fun Jilsta:tup:……………….can see a lot of wasted time cow watching coming up but tis the only way to learn………………watch them, learn there habits and personalities:)


    A cow’s best friend is a biscuit of hay! :tup:

    If they are already quiet they will like to associate you with the treat.

    DH actually likes to lie down and let the cows come over and sniff and check him out. They are very curious and will find you far less threatening at ground level.

    It’s fun too! They are very gentle.


    Thanks everyone for advice. Had it confirmed today that both cows are pregnant due to calf in February, hopefully enough time for me to learn more. They are both first timers so I will get to know the local vet incase she is needed LOL Looking forward to just sitting and watching and have already given my self a good viewing window. Will post some photos when they arrive… Nex good advice i have arranged for hay to be delivered tomorrow in readiness for me getting to know them :clap:


    Picked up the cows today, got there and they had halters on and tied to the fence, one was in the crush and looking really really unhappy:@ but they looked ok. i had three to pick from and took the two that were pregnant. The first one was being a ‘REAL COW’ to get in the float (now i know where that saying comes from) and she took the male handler for a little roller coaster bump and crash ride around the yard .. :awch: so we took the other one in first (much more accepting of the float) then the first one finally went in. Got them home took their halters off and they bolted out of the float and dissappeard down the back paddock under the trees, havent seen them since…. :tongue: phew, cows much harder to handle than the ‘sweet quiet lovable alpacas’ :awch: LOL :lol:… weather was dreadful today hopefully better tomorrow so I can go down and introduce myself… :wave: (that is after i go and vote of course uuugggh)

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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