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    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Portion size is another tip. Most people eat too much -especially of the exxy items like meat and fish.

    My family has got used to much smaller portions of meat and fish -over time. We ‘fill up” on veggies. Meat should be the condiment to the meal, not the main part of it.

    Go ‘semi-veggo” -or more. We eat meat only every second day. The other times we eat vegetarian -it is good for us and cheaper too.

    To help this process -look in op shops for smaller plates and bowls and glasses. Those made in the 1950s are a lot smaller than the ones we buy now.

    Drink more water -it is amazing how many won’t touch the stuff unless it comes in a fancy container or has sugar in it.

    Water fills you up -great tip for dieters.


    Apparently most people who wake with the munchies in the middle of the night find that water fills their appetite and they don’t feel hungry any more… Well I did say most….


    Homewares, Kitchenware, Cookware

    A few good online suppliers with prices MUCH lower than Robins Kitchen, House & Garden etc.

    Everten Online

    Home Couture

    Peter’s of Kensington

    Edited to add – Everten Online are having a sale on the red Le Creuset casserole pot. It’s well over $100 less than it was.


    Thanks Creeker it looks good I am considering giving them a try especially as they deliver:tup:


    Woolies drop their prices on Sunday night and Tuesday night. If you get to know the person in charge they will give you the mark downs even more.

    IGA or Foodland usually early in the morning for bread and meat. Veggies in the afternoon.

    We have a new Food barn down here. They are around the same price as Home Brand products for the named brand.

    You can join for $10 and recieve 10% off your list. I did get whole -meal flour for $1.40 a kilo and white rice for $2 kilo

    Coles has mince out for $4 a kilo this week and silver side for $5k


    Tried coles mince last night and it turned to mush instead of savoury mince on toast it was savoury gravy on toast



    Does any one know of a good cheap butcher in the Albury / Wodonga area.

    And for the people that are op shopping for clothes check out australia’s auction site, sell heaps of 2nd hand plus new clothes


    This isn’t about groceries per se, but if you get home late or have a hankering for a takeaway, we’ve hit on a great alternative – Curry Masters curry packets :tup:

    Ok so it’s a packet food, but it’s gluten free and the only nasty is food colour. The butter chicken is to die for – you just add chicken pieces, cream and water and it’s done in the time it takes to cook the chicken.

    Tastes just like a takeaway, except it’s only $4 from our local indian grocer and we get four serves out of a packet easily :clap:

    Om nom nom! 😆


    carolf wrote:

    And for the people that are op shopping for clothes check out australia’s auction site, sell heaps of 2nd hand plus new clothes

    Another great site for second hand children’s clothes is:

    Of course if you have a great op shop near you then don’t worry, but if like me they’re hard to get to then buying off the net is great. Plus the lady who runs the business is really nice and helpful. Watch out for her free postage sales and grab a bargain.

    Home FarmerHome Farmer

    Where is he Grocery Club in Brisbane address or phone number anyone


    Does anyone know where you can buy in bulk in Perth? I mainly want to buy bulk flour, rice,cereals etc


    Perth people looking for bulk dry goods , try the angry almond

    Haven’t ordered from them myself but their site looks good and they deliver for $3.50, any amount, WA only.


    My DH and I do our shopping every 10 days or so, we try to stretch it as much as we can but when we run out of pet food we need to go. We shop at Woollies and Coles late in the night when all the breads and meats are discounted, obviously having to freeze most of the meat so it doens’t go off.

    what we really want to do is find a bulk buy butcher in Sydney, does anyone know of one?

    Sydney is getting so expensive to live in, rents, petrol, public transport, every little bit of saving helps. Any tips would be great.

    I have a patch growing which has cut back on our vegie spend.


    I’ve been doing the figures this last week and have worked out that my local IGA (who’s willing to buy in bulk for me) can supply the fruit and vege i want cheaper than going to the wholesale markets myself and spending $$ on fuel and entry, and they’re much cheeper than efresh! :metal:

    I’m going to hit them up for a box or two of bananas today.


    woolies in sydney has alfa one rice bran oil on spec this week for $12.99 a 4 litre tin. Thats saved me $10 a tin,( its normally 22.99)

    I stocked up much to my hubbys surprise and bought 10 tins . 😆

    My girlfriend saw me purchase these and thought i was a raving loonie :tongue:

    Oh well gotta get a bargain while u can.

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