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    Just got a Mountain bread order turn up today!!


    We have a sweet tooth, ok we can’t live withut our treats :shy: and we’ve saved about $6 a week by making a cake or biscuits on the weekend. It’s also healthier without all the preservatives and emulsifiers etc :tup:

    Spot on Mary Doll, menu planning makes shopping, cooking, budgeting and life in general much less stressful :clap:


    In Nhill (closest town) we have an IGA supermarket. They are very pricey:tdown: We also have an independent butchers and Fruit & Veg….so much cheaper:tup: The Fruit and Veg has bread $1 cheaper than the supermarket and the butchers is ALWAYS cheaper. I am amazed that more people don’t walk the extra 200 metres and get the bargains, instead they just park at the IGA and pay extra for the convenience:tdown:


    ATM we have woolies bbq snags :rip: once a week…. $4.47 or $3.74 when they’re on special… A meal is about $2 something and the kids kinda like them… There are 4 of us atm… Me, DS1 (20), DS3 (10) and DD (8), the boys get 2 each and us girls 1 each…. If DS2 or Reggie is home is ratio has a real blowout of 3 snags per male and us girls still only have 1 each….

    I shop at woolies every few Saturdays around 4pm-5pm, they mark down breads, meat, seafood and deli items by about 50%…… :tup: I usually get 2-3 dozen multigrain bread rolls for $150/doz…. I then use them to go with hearty soups, homemade hamburgers or chicken and mayo rolls (usually eaten with another, not so hearty, soup meal). These buns bulk out some pretty ordinary meals…

    The last few months have been particularly tight around here and I have been making my food $$$ go as far as I can!!! :tup:

    I buy a 2kg lot of mince from Aldi and that does us for 4 meals with just the 4 of us or 2 meals when the 6 of us are home…. I make homemade hamburgers, spag bol, stew, and lasagne one week out of 4…. With spag bol sneaking in for an extra showing every couple of weeks….

    I save the ends of the multigrain bread I buy from Aldi (they are a bit thicker than other loaves) and freeze them and every now and again we’ll have toasted cheese, toms and onion toasted sangers…. I butter the fleshy bit and put the inners on the crusty bit ( hope that makes sense )… The kids love these as it is a break from meals with lots of veggies….

    Nights like tonight I have chicken thighs (bought on Saturday, 50% marked down) that I’m cooking in the crockpot, a la Apricot Chicken, this will do us 2 meals with the cooking done all at once…. :tup:

    I have a small, 1/2 price chicken that I’ll roast in an oven bag and the carcass will go towards a watery soup… With the chook came 10 drumsticks that I’ll put a crunchy coating on to make a break from “wet food” (that’s what Reggie calls anything stewed or served in juice)

    Some nights the kids have whatever leftovers are there and I’ll have the joy of cleaning up after them…. :tup: Jenny Craig eat your heart out!!!! 😆


    I do the same thing when I can be bothered. Go scour Coles and Woolies just before closing time and pick up all the reduced for quick sale items. I got 2 massive bunches of pretty nice asparagus for $1 at Coles. Bread and cob loaves are always marked down and yummy from Woolies.



    Just another idea, if you are into seeing movies at the cinema, most have tight @r$e Tuesdays. It costs about $6 at our local to see a movie on Tuesdays, and the same for daytime sessions.

    DVD Rental

    Same with renting DVD’s – our local has 95c Tuesdays?? I think it’s Tuesdays. Worth looking into if you have kids or a bit of a movie buff. :tup:



    Ooo thought of another one, if you need to fly somewhere, webjet is a site that searches most Australian airlines and gives you the best prices. I use this service then book directly with the airline to avoid the webjet processing fee 😆


    Also, Virgin Blue have “happy hour” everyday between 12 and 1pm. If you keep checking daily you can usually get flights from anywhere to anywhere. There are usually pre-assigned times for flying tho. eg between July and September 2009. Good to plan a cheap little getaway tho. 😀

    Virgin Blue

    Tiger Airways are worth a look too – sometimes have ridiculously cheap flights :tup:

    Tiger Airways


    I guess my best tip would be to get organised. Then you don’t need to rush out and buy full-price kids’ clothes at the change of season, snacks, quick meals, take-out, etc. If you menu plan, keep an eye on the wardrobe needs several months in advance (at least), buy in bulk and use what you have, stockpile specials, etc – you can save $100s a month.

    Use your freezer wisely. You can store bulk grains, legumes, flours in there to preven them going yuk. Also fantastic to cook in bulk and freeze meals – I do soup, curries, pasta sauces, casseroles, etc.

    Whenever you do something, do it less often on a larger scale – bulk shopping, bulk cooking, bulk baking, big de-cluttering, big op shop day out with a list, etc. Save time and money! 🙂


    Good idea to update the tips people might have – perhaps some talented person might also be able to link in some of the other threads we’ve done on this also, so they’re easy to find if anyone’s looking?


    Just saw an ad on TV for Super Butcher. Whole eye fillet is $9.99/kg and you can buy a whole lamb for $100 and they’ll cut it up for free :jawdrop: I reaaaally need to get to get a freezer.

    Hopefully more local business will realise that more than ever people will be searching out cheaper prices and cut their prices too 🙂


    Same as everyone else really, menu plan, gorw veggies, chooks for eggs, make own cleaning stuff etc. I find Perth is quite limited for cheap foodstuffs though, so if anyone knows any good butchers etc in Perth then please post up 😀


    Thats weird, I posted a message about super butcher the other day and it was on the thread and now it’s gone.:shrug:

    I have used super butcher before and their meat is very good and prices are very competitive.

    If you eat a lot of beef they are definitely worth a vist. I don’t think their chicken was any cheaper though.

    knitting beeknitting bee

    In Hobart, I rarely go to the supermarket. I find it too expensive. I buy in bulk from a couple of places. DS Trading, Countrywide, Lucas Trading and the Italian Pantry. I shop from these places 2 to 3 times a year. I buy my meat from organic producers or from butchers. I buy 2 sides of lamb a year in spring and that lasts us for the rest of the year. I grow my own veg and go to local stalls otherwise. I have saved lots of money by not going to the supermarket every fortnight. I make my own soap, use bicarb and own made cider vinegar for my hair.

    Diddlie, I orginally come from Perth. If you find Perth limited, Hobart will be an eye opener.


    Michelle-sm wrote:

    Thats weird, I posted a message about super butcher the other day and it was on the thread and now it’s gone.:shrug:

    I have used super butcher before and their meat is very good and prices are very competitive.

    If you eat a lot of beef they are definitely worth a vist. I don’t think their chicken was any cheaper though.

    Weird! The first time I’d heard of it was when RA posted it yesterday(?) and then on the TV this morning.

    I find Big Gun Butchers to be pretty good as well. They have some good “cheap” cuts like neck, tail, tongue and plenty of offal. They had a special this weekend for sides of lamb for $3.99/kg so I stocked up on some lamb. Chicken drumsticks were $24 for 12kg too. Not free range tho 🙁


    Aldi have beautiful grapes for 49cents a bag today – grapped heaps!

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