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    With the “recession” and all I thought perhaps we could share some updated hints/tips/tricks when it comes to shopping.

    I discovered a cut price grocery store in Brisbane and Gold Coast called The Grocery Club. They have SUPER discounted (50-80% off) supermarket products that are close to the best before date, deleted lines, and whatever else. The Brisbane store is at Rocklea which we rarely go to as it is too far, but the other one at the Gold Coast should be great for when we move.

    The Grocery Club

    Any fruit or veg I want that I cant/didn’t grow I get from the Rocklea Markets. I order thru an online company called eFresh who deliver for nix and the prices are comparable with the market prices. They are especially good for buying in bulk for sauce/jam whatever. I got tomatoes last summer for under $1/kg. They also stock dried fruit/nuts, honey and free range eggs.


    Does anyone else have any good secrets to keep the costs of living down when it comes to shopping? Post em here!! :shy:


    All I can contribute is meal planning and cooking the kind of food that can be spread over several meals like caserols currys and stew.

    And if you get your meat from the chain grocery store plan your meals around what meat is on special.

    I’m pretty new to all of this so I don’t have a lot to contribute but will be watching this thread 🙂

    Judi BJudi B

    All I can say is to find out which day of the week your local supermarket marks down the meat then buy up, we save heaps buying meat this way.

    I must have taught the son right as all the meat in his freezer is marked down:lol:


    All I can suggest is that if you eat Mountain Bread then buy it online, it is much cheaper.


    We have been eating alot of Mountain Bread over the warmer months… this is almost half price!! :jawdrop: Thanks Michelle!!


    No worries Leecy:tup: just ordered some more myself.


    We have so many butchers here there was a sale at one of them for beef strips for $5.99kg & Mince for $4.99kg.

    Well, i ended up with 4kg of each seperated into 500grm bags 😆

    And 2 weeks later i was at woolies when the meat was being marked down and BAM, I was on them then i got swarmed:lol:

    I walked out with over $150 worth meat for $70:tup:

    And it was ALL chicken so we are set for awhile:tup:

    Meal planning defently:metal:

    Ill come back with a list 😆

    mary dollmary doll

    ok these tips work for me.

    look at the things you have in your pantry- could you make any of the sauces or packet mixes from scratch?

    dont go to the supermarket without a shopping list

    menu plan- this started my journey to living a simpler life. i find if i have my meals planned it makes my life less stressful.

    start adding pulses to your meals, it makes them go a lot further.

    learn how to make soup- at least one night a week we have home made soup and a nice bread roll for dinner.

    freeze any leftovers. I was guilty of having small bowls of left over food in my fridge that would get thrown out come rubbish day. I freeze any leftovers on the same day.

    make your own household cleaners and laundry powder.

    i am currently working on trying to have more cooked food in my freezer, and a few less lumps of unidentified meat.


    Great ideas everyone!:clap:


    try not to buy anything you can make yourself- such as pasta sauce. I buy our meat from our local butcher and while hes more exxy than the stupermarkets its quality meat and i know im helping out a small local business. (also he makes failsafe snags for me so i KNOW whats in them!).

    Shop at your local farmers markets on the weekends or go to the rocklea/ wholesale markets.

    for those who are gluten free- check out your local indian/ asian grocery store if you have one as alternative flours are a lot cheaper there.

    try buying in bulk when you can if you get a discount. try talking to the manufacturers to see if they will sell you a bulk lot of something rather than buying individual units from the store.

    check out places like Big W as they do bulk washing powder and cleaning stuff- better yet- make your own for a fraction of the price. Another place to check out is Godfreys who do bulk cleaners and cloths (i use bicarb and vinegar only so we are nice and cheap there).


    Growing your own veges and learning to eat them is a big money saver. You need to experiment a lot though – I walk through the garden and harvest and then plan the meal. Loads of recipes like quiche, fritatta, stews, soups, salads lend themselves to the ‘take what you have and adapt the recipe’ approach.

    Beans and lentils are great – add them to anything at all for cheap, yummy protein.

    Buy your meats in bulk, direct from a farmer if possible but otherwise from a butcher (of course you need somewhere to keep it).


    Hi RA :wave:

    I haven’t tried them but the website definitely looks good!! Prices are so CHEAP!! They have a store at Oxenford too – just below Tamborine Mountain!! I’m so excited now!!! :rol::rol::tup::kiss:


    Fruit & Veg – buy bulk (or better still grow) what’s in season and preserve, pickle and freeze.

    Meat – once again, buy bulk or cuts of meat for the season. Winter is great for using cheaper cuts of meat to make casseroles etc. In fact often the cheapest cut of meat is the best for a good casserole.

    Groceries – I take a list then ask myself when I’m buying it if we really do need it. Often I put it back (except for the 1 block of chocolate a month that I don’t need but treat myself to).

    Cheers L:)


    Michelle-sm wrote:

    All I can suggest is that if you eat Mountain Bread then buy it online, it is much cheaper.

    THAT is brilliant! $2.50 each. :clap:

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