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    Does anyone know what this creature is.. would it be a gardeners friend or foe ?


    Argh.. I am not sure of what I am doing here folks, but I have managed a link to a small pic of it in my ALS photo album.. but it is a bit small


    where was it ( the insect ) ? , the pic is a bit small, was it in shallow water or dirt? looks like its got paddles out its side which seems a bit nymphish to me , google? description?

    sorry cant help u more cheers kate

    ps googled pond mini beasts and came up with a water boatman


    Thanks Kate 🙂

    It was in the dirt just below the surface.


    oh cool some other type of insect, does it have wings?


    No wings.. or none that I saw. Wish I could make the pic bigger 🙁


    The size is really deceptive. If under the dirt, perhaps some sort of cockchafer beetle? Initially, I thought it might be ladybird larvae, but probably not if under the dirt.


    can you re=size the photo on your computer first?


    The size of it was about 1 and a half cm and it had 6 legs. So far I haven’t found anything on the web that resembles it.

    That photo is a full sized photo Bron, I’m not sure why it is appearing so small. I thought maybe it was a type of ladybird larvae also, as that is what it did look a bit like, but I thought they were all black ?

    This has a very distinct orange helmet on it’s head and some white bits hanging off the rear end..

    If you can access my photo album you should be able to see a larger shot of it.


    Hi all,

    I managed to load a pic of this mysterious creature.. back up on my first post in the thread.

    Much easier to see it now 🙂


    that is a really cool mini beast ( and yes thanx its much easier to see now . ). looks like it will have wings in its adult stage too ( the patch on its back. ) love its vibraant head sorry cant help more


    It’s a gorgeous little critter, but I have no idea of what it is… I’d be surprised if it was a cockchafer larvae…wrong shape to my way of thinking… I’m intrigued 🙂


    It actually bent in the middle, but in the opposite way that you would think.. it’s ends lifted up, marginaly..

    Whatever it is I did disturb it, as it was curled up.. but after I poked it (as I was intrigued also) it woke up.

    It wasn’t very far below the surface and it was under a gravel path.


    This critta is not illustrated in my very comprehensive garden pest book so perhaps its a harmless friend.There’s something that lives around here that makes little craters in the dry dust.I’ll poke around next time I’m outside and see if the diggers are like your little guy.


    if you send your pic to the DPI or Csiro they will identify it for you.

    we have used them for strange bugs in the past.



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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