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    Totally with you there Mike. I can not understand the compulsion to be surrounded by noise – I like silence and the sounds that go with it. It does make one more sensitive to the noises generated by less considerate neighbours, but I rarely have the radio on, or telly, or music as there are so many interesting things going on outside.


    My house is quiet most of the time except for the procession of birds at the water bath on the balcony.
    I like the silence
    At night you can hear the waves crashing.

    Still love AFL though ….lol


    just curious, do you all have someone to talk to in the evening, or during the day? – or are you all on your own??
    those who say they like the silence?? – nothing wrong with either, but I’m just curious

    Mike Harding

    >just curious, do you all have someone to talk to in the evening, or during the day?

    A good question.

    We are a social species and have a need for human interaction but I think that need requires it to be reciprocal and is not fulfilled by, say, listening to speech on the radio.

    I work for a few months, in an office like environment, then take a few months off and either go bush gold prospecting/travelling or spend time alone at home – this process has been repeated for some years.

    I have noticed that when I am alone in the bush (for weeks perhaps) I talk to myself quite a lot! I haven’t quite reached the point of arguing with myself but may be heading in that direction 🙂 I’m sure this is a reaction to isolation from others and manifests a basic need for companionship. In the past I had a dog and would talk to her instead, she didn’t say much but I’m sure she understood – dogs are smart.

    My sanity in the bush is probably saved by Amateur Radio. I have a licence for same and regularly chat with people across the world, I think not having that connection, over a long period (four weeks plus maybe?) would be bad for my mental state. Indeed, isolation is used as a method of torture.


    You have a point there. A teacher I knew a few years ago was a nun before becoming a teacher and she talked to herself a lot. On a lighter note, I also talk to myself a lot for a completely different reason DH is going deaf   :”> and doesn’t hear me half the time.


    We don’t have tv reception and haven’t for years, we still have young children but they don’t miss what they have never had. That said, we are able to watch DVDs from the library. We catch up with current goings on via Internet news.


    my DVD recorder was in the shop, I did catch up with a few DVDs – but I must say, my tv has not been on for over a week, –  I’ve had my head stuck in books,
    have got the dvd recorder back, I copied some films from there while I could, but my tv has not been on for over a week – ;possibly 2?? 

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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