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    My tv is only used for watching DVD’s and I go through stages, sometimes it will be weeks and not turned on, other times daily. I like keeping the tv for this, not really in the way. I am so much happier since I stopped watching tv and listening to commercial radio stations. I find I no longer have that mad desire to shop and I rarely get junk mail. Amazing how powerful advertising is, convincing you need things, you really don’t need.


    Bit late to the thread, been a looong time since I was on the site… but we don’t have a TV.  We moved here about 5 years ago, we had one of those big old CRT style tellies, didn’t seem worth while carting it down here,  Gave it away and thought we would get another when we moved.  Never found the time to get one and can’t be bothered now. 

    As to sport, I don’t understand watching it but do like to participate.  I am in a mountain bike race next weekend, so have been doing some training not enough though ! 
    That aside, I do torrent any David Attenborough doco I come across, my partner loves the guy she has a tablet she watches them on and I have twin 30″ screens on my PC, so we occasionally watch them on that.

    We will not have very good internet after we move. We’ll be tv free for a short while, but we will probably be getting one, despite the fact we watch infrequently and are getting mightily sick of American reality show imports!


    I haven’t watched tv as such since 2013 but still get to enjoy watching tv shows and movies ad free via the nbn and downloading what I’d like to see and leaving out all the constant negative consumerism that plagues today’s media. I love it. Everything comes in via download and I have a Google chromecast I stream it to my big screen tv from my computer. It leaves me with much more time in my gardens. There’s also the YouTube function of watching on the tv. I watch the gardening shows and ideas people have from all over the world which I’m a big fan of. I become inspired by others creativity and strive to create myself. Another form of als really. Just a video version.


    Hardly watch TV at all… Has to be some extremely special Doco to get me in front of the ‘box’…
    Even “Better Homes & Gardens” doesn’t appeal to me…
    When Peter Cundall hosted the ABC gardening prog: now that I would watch… “Bloomin Marv’less…”

    Can and did live without TV for a couple of years, then enjoyed some catch-up TV. Now supporting a dementia-affected parent, TV is an essential!

    I did for a few years when we had no elec and loved it

    but now usually I only watch when interesting abc programs on but I listen a lot to audio books from libraby


    No i can’t leave without TV during weekends.


    Its relative to what you are doing
    When travelling around Europe we didnt watch TV for nearly a year and didnt miss it.

    Le LoupLe Loup

    Last time we had TV, was back in 1974, just before cyclone Tracey blew it away 🙂


    We didn’t bring a T.V. with us when we moved to the block and haven’t bought a new one…any ‘must watch’ shows I can get online. The thing I miss would be sitting in an oversized lounge chair to watch a big screen.


    I haven’t had a TV since decades. When I was around 17 I turned off the sound just for fun and watched. Even at that age I realised the manipulation that was going on, and decided I did not want that. There were better things to do 😉 We had occassionally an old TV that friends gave us because they were sorry for us. But we threw it out after a short time. It kept us from going out and doing things. Of course nowadays it is all different with youtube, and I must admit I watch and enjoy a lot of music videos


    I had no computer/internet for 6 weeks it was horrible


    I’m quitting TV this year, with the exception of a movie (about one a month max). Unfortunately the others in the house are not following so there is still TV noise but I’m not watching it and have no interest in it. It would be more wonderful if went off but I’m still enjoying it. It’s been really good


    I do watch some things, I record everything and fast forward the adds, but sometimes it is on for background noise

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