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Could you live on $400 a week?

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    At this time we are having to pay mortgage, car loan and live on $600 p/w – 2 kids, 1 teenager male, 2 adults:shrug::shrug:


    I realise this thread is a little old, I just came across it when I was searching for threads about meat rabbits.

    After the rent is paid, we have $300 a week for myself and my three children. Money is very, very tight – $400 a week would seem luxurious!

    I have found this thread has inspired me, though, to try to live “better” with the money we do have.


    Wish we could have $400 a week could live quite comfortably .atm are doing it on much less and living quite well. must admit takes skill and we do own our home


    It is plenty for me as a 20’s, single guy who rents. I really think that I could support another person too with lots of budgeting. Up to now, I’ve barely even tried to save money.


    I’m a full-time student and although I have had some form of casual employment since I was 15 (I’m 21 now), I haven’t had a job since late March. I currently live off my Centrelink payments of $220 a week. Thank goodness I qualify for Centrelink because I went through the first year of uni without it. I was living off only a smidgen more money but working 16-20 hours a week and paying more rent.

    Now, $105 goes to my rent (which is very reasonable), then let’s say about $15 goes to internet, phone and electricity costs. That leaves $100. I’m part of my local CSA (so fantastic!) and I get a ‘mini box’ of fruit and veg for $30 a week, I also buy dribs and drabs at the supermarket but I really try to limit that, I’m vegan so I don’t buy meat and dairy and I prefer to buy dry beans and grains in bulk every few months so I always have a decent supply. I nearly always cook everything from scratch. So, let’s say I average $50 a week on groceries (including my veggie box), that leaves $50 for ‘other’ expenses.

    I’m still learning about budgeting and to be honest, I can’t really tell you where that $50 goes. Books, clothing, to replace things that have broken, a meal out, a drink or two…let me tell you it goes really quickly! I have a new-book-buying problem but I’m also a big fan of libraries, so I try to use them more. I rarely buy new clothes but I op-shop fairly often, I don’t always buy things but I like to have a look. As I educate myself more I’m realising that I want my purchases to reflect my ethical values, rather than my impulsive consumerist whims.

    I thought I would live off Centrelink for a while just to see if my grades improved without the stress of a job but I think the stress of having no money or savings is much worse. I’m now actively job-hunting.

    Edit: I forgot to add in transport! I spend about $10-12 on my go gard (South East Queensland trains, buses and ferries) per week. So that takes my ‘other’ money down to $40! It’s tough. I’ve thought about dumpster diving for food but I love my CSA too much.


    Does this include healthcare?


    we did this 7 yrs ago when my daughter was born we did it for 2+ 1/2 yrs.$200 for rent and pets to buy food for.we managed although things were very tight


    Just found this (old) thread, and the answer is HELL YES. If you disregard our rent and the house savings that we never touch, we live on $335 a week with no veggie garden or chooks and with four children (three of whom live with us half the time). We do get tax refunds at the end of financial year that are not counted in the $335 a week, that we put towards sanity expenses like good quality appliances or going to the snow or buying quality games or toys. If we had a veggie garden and chooks and no children we would be *very* comfortable on $400 a week. Would need to be living walking distance to pubic transport and shops though, like we do now.


    Had a second thought – if I’m supposed to own and maintain a property of $400 a week, that would be more difficult. Being a renter for all my life I have not had to deal with rates/insulation/shifting foundations or any number of the things you need to deal with when owning a property. I’m not sure how far that would impact on the $400 a week, but I imagine it would make it a much tighter budget.


    lol, $400 a week doesn’t even cover our mortgage at this time!!


    fruitful post=317486 wrote: lol, $400 a week doesn’t even cover our mortgage at this time!!

    here here!!!

    I wish I could live on and pay mortgage, insurances, etc on $400 a week…

    Ahh one can only but dream….


    here’s to dreaming and a lot of hard work and tight budgeting! :whistle:


    Oneday post=255627 wrote:

    if you had no mortgage or rent

    there was just 2 of you

    you would still have the usual bills







    and a bit for maintenance

    and you had a good veggie patch chooks etc

    I don’t know, is anyone out there doing it now?:shrug:

    this is the origanal post, the $400 dosnt count rent mortgage.


    yep we could do it, infact we live off less than that from december to february every year and that includes a mortgage

    its tough but its doable

    however I dont drive, so theres no rego


    I’m pretty sure I’m about that w/out my home loan but I do live alone

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 160 total)
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