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Corriander Seeds – when to pick

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    Hi All,

    Now I’m not much of a gardener – luckily my mum lives with us and takes care of our fantastic veggie patch – but I am hoping someone here will be able to help out with my question.

    Our corriander has gone to seed and we have some on the bush, (some have dropped to self seed) and others are ranging from green through to brown (they look dry).

    When would be the best time to pick these, and can I use these directly in cooking, or should I hang them and dry them first?

    hehehe… Told you I wasn’t much of a gardener!

    Thanks, Leah!


    I’m a learner when it comes to seed collecting Leah [and a lot of other things of course hehe] but I would take a paper bag and scissors and snip off the brown seed heads, stalks and all, directly into the paper bag.

    I think the green ones need to dry off and turn brown.

    Snipping directly into a paper bag stops the seeds from falling out of the pod thingies and dropping onto the ground.

    If you hang em and dry then you would probably need something underneath to catch the seeds if they drop out when dry. Maybe they stay nicely in the seed head thingy. :shrug:

    I would guess you use them in cooking as soon as they are dry but I don’t know that so you will need a more knowledgeable [sp] person to help you.



    I am watching this post with interest… because I too have some coriander seed i want to save… (darn stuff bolts soooo quickly!)

    I tried planting the green seeds to see if they’d grow… they didn’t … but then again, maybe that was because I went on holidays and my house sitter didn’t water them… who knows??

    So can anyone answer our collective questions? :tongue:


    When they are brown and dry, and rattle a bit.

    I usually just strip them off the bush and re-sow straight into the garden.


    They sound ready for collecting. I cut the flowers once they are brown, then put them on a pizza tray on the top of my fridge to dry. After a couple of days to a few weeks, I either pop the flowers whole into a brown paper bag and store in a dry place, or I rub them loose onto the pizza tray and then bag them for spices.


    Thanks everyone! I have just snipped a few heads off into a brown paper pag to dry out a bit further for a few days.

    I will pop them in some seed raining mixture in egg cartons through the week and see how they go to strike and re plant as seedlings!

    If they work, next year I’ll be back offering seeds out to anyone and everyone i’m sure!

    Wish me luck!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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