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    had a bit about methane on his 23 rd June post. The video

    is great -makes me want to get a couple of big drums!

    Has anyone here used a solar gorilla to power a laptop? I wondered if it would be any good as we can’t afford a big setup, but with a gadget like this at least the smaller things can go solar!


    I remember watching a Bill Mollison video ages ago where he visited a village in India where they collected all waste(human and animal) and used the methane from it to cook on. It was a really simple system of a pit and some pipes.:tup:

    plus I run the farm and business, which includes a coolroom 24/7 and all water is on electric pumps

    All tax deductable.:tup:


    If it was just the fuel subsidy, most of us could handle it. But, as

    discussed, Qld is rapidly becoming very expensive, with sharp increases in basic goods and services.

    Probably a trend in many other States of Aus as well though….

    The flow-on effect to the other states will be interesting smurfy. A lot of primary produce comes from Qld, and if transport companies close as a result of the fuel hike (reduced competition) things will get more expensive in all the other states too.

    That kinda puts a hole in my argument that we can actually move to a cheaper state. 😆 The flow on effect didn’t occur to me at the time.

    Both our cars have been converted to gas, so petrol hikes won’t hit us directly at first. It’s the goods and other services increase that will get us in the end.


    A lot of primary produce comes from Qld, and if transport companies close as a result of the fuel hike (reduced competition) things will get more expensive in all the other states too.

    Where’s Roadwarrior when ya need him?? 😆

    That’s exactly (and worse) what the peak oilers are on about. We’re here at ALS learning how to prepare for that exact eventuality….skilling, stockpiling, growing food, relocalising or in my case, going bush!! :clap:


    Tully, When you say going bush are you refering to going further away from communities or where there are more trees.



    G’day Not-At-All-Grumpy :hug: Both 😉

    I’m am very aware that I’ve chosen either the best of all possible places or the absolute worst. Time will tell.


    Because of the likely hood of prices rising I take it all of ALS people have 6 to 12 months of food and goods stored in the pantry. Well that should give you time to restock on a few things you may have missed. It would help to produce as much as possible from your own garden.



    Dennis, that’s the hardest part for families raising kids – having 6 to 12 months food supply while you’re actually juggling the “raising” part. 😆

    I don’t have a teenager yet, but I can’t imagine keeping a pantry full when growth spurts hit. :p


    Grumpy is right, but I also can’t imagine feeding a teenager either. But I have food stored but you always need to top it up, but I can now wait for specials on those items before I buy them.

    The electricity is a nightmare, I too get Centrelink to deduct a fornightly amount for gas and electrictiy, but I have found I have had to ask them to double that amount that was being deducted. But even that is not enough with the rise in prices and now with a 7% hike in food likely soon I am worried about making ends meet in further than I was before.

    I experimented last year of having a solar hot water bag for my baths and in summer it worked fine. Now I am looking at a portable solar system (as I am renting I am not allowed to put something permanent like that on the house). But I am also trying to taper down my energy usage as well. I might have to stop surfing the net. But I have justified my computer usage with all the savings I have made in the research of saving….:lol: 😆 😆

    But I would love to learn how to cut more of my energy so I glue myself to the computer and scroll, gleaning words of wisdom from my fellow ALSers :clap:


    We have a 16 year old boy still at home and he says he does not intend leaving. But he is very happy to grow heaps of veggies but has waged war on the wallabies and ducks that eat all his hard work. We are going all out now to grow more than we need. Then we maybe able to trade or swap with others.

    MeTo I know its not easy to build to that supply and I am not saying it is by any means. I think it probable has taken 4 years to get to where we are now and I believe we have a way to go yet.

    Saving on electic is not easy and I would think the fridge, hot water, washing machine would be the problem ones. But even there its a matter of choice what we do and use I guess. Probable a lot harder if you are in a city or renting, Then you can only do the best you can.

    I am working on several ideas myself to not only save on power but in most other areas as well.



    Hello. I haven’t read all the post’s so please forgive me if I have doubled + info but……

    We recently moved into a house that had pay as you go electricity, it’s a card that you pay money into then slide it into your meter box and away you go the money off your card is now paying your electricity!!

    It ‘s a huge eye opener, to actually see how much money you are spending per day!

    I find myself checking it all the time!

    Now we definately try harder to cut power.

Viewing 11 posts - 61 through 71 (of 71 total)
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