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Cookware Recommendations

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    It’s time for us to retire the Kmart cookware that I have had since I was a teenager.

    I am looking for recommendations for pots and bakeware that will last. We use gas to cook, not induction. I don’t really care about fancy. Good and hardwearing. I’m ok to spend a bit more on it than I did my Kmart cheapies, but it doesn’t have to be the top of the range, wizzbang stuff.

    What works for you?


    Nothing wrong with K Mart

    Best Bamboo stirrers for a few dollars. and lots of specials on good stuff

    Keep an eye out for ALdi specials

    Top quality super cheap prices

    Enamelled cast iron

    Griddle pan

    Non Stick ceramic frypans

    Non aldi

    Get a pressure cooker

    A wok (I like a handle)

    A Pasta cooker

    Slow cooker or a portable induction cook top from ebay and a SS pot, good for pressure cooker too.

    Paella pan if you are that way inclined (I have a few sizes).

    Biggest best SS stock pot you can get.

    Regular fry pans made from steel (like woks but flat) great for meat.


    I have kmart enammelled cast iron pots and frypans, love them.

    my cast iron cookware was the one thing I regret not taking from my marriage 😆


    I’ve looked at some but the prices are craaaazy


    Wait for Aldi

    Usually have them twice a year for under $50 that normally cost $200 plus


    Unfortunately we don’t have an Aldi here (I don’t think there are any in WA). Might be another thing that goes on hold until we move 🙁


    December. We’ll have a look for one when we’re in Perth (7 hours away) as I currently live in the desert. George was thinging about Esteele, but wants to look at them before buying online.

    Unfortunately the next time we’ll be down is over Easter when everything is shut.


    I love my cast iron cookware – had my son and sister bring me out a set of fry pans when they travelled from the US last year, as well as a cast iron waffle iron. This week I’ll be cleaning and seasoning them so I can finally put them to use. I bought a grill plate from a disposals store ages ago that I use across 2 burners of my gas stove and it is fantastic – I can cook 8 pancakes at a time and heaps of sausages. Harris Scarfe always seems to have enamelled cast iron cookware on special, hugely discounted – I picked up a dutch oven from there that I’ve been really happy with.

    Otherwise, I do have a set of S/S pots and pans that I’ve slowly been upgrading – the wedding set are pretty worn out now. In SA, Foodland are running a special on pots and pans which finishes up soon, you get a sticker for every $10 you spend, and 10 stickers gives you a discount on the pots. I’ve bought the big stockpot for myself and the whole set (bar the teflon coated fry pans) for my son’s “glory box” lol!


    Major problem with SS is sticking

    Wouldnt want to cook eggs in it

    But its great for making a sauce using the burnt bits and some stock/wine.

    I was in Myers last Xmas buying a pan for MiL sales girl said the most returned pans were Scanpan ,they peel.

    I was surprised.


    I’ve heard that about Scanpan, actually.

    I’m mostly after pots – we are using el cheapo SS atm, and stuff rarely sticks. We have a good nonstick frypan


    stone dine is a really good set to get, made in NZ it’s a non stick, wipe clean while hot and put away without needing to wash it often. Unfortunately my family don’t seem to be able to NOT use metal utensils while cooking and a lot of it has been scratched. You don’t use high heat, bit like bessemer, good quality and if you are prepared to look after it, will last for years and years. Here in SA I manage to pick up quite a few different cast iron products at garage sales for a really good prices. Until my lot grow up and either learn to respect good quality or leave home I’ll stick to cast iron. I’m hiding the good quality pieces that are undamaged and use them only occasionally after which I put them back in hiding straight away! 🙁


    I love my “camping store” cast iron frypans, I think for about $30 I got a 30cm fry pan.

    Initially it is not the greatest surface (is a bit bumby), but with use (and scrubbing and re-oiling, and using a metal eggflip/bbq tool) the one we use in the kitchen has a surface that would almost be classed as non-stick, we have an exact same one in the camping gear, which doesn’t have anywhere near as nice a surface on it because it hasn’t been used enough, so is still a bit rough.

    Love the face that cast iron gets better with age, and if you make a mess of it you can just give it a really good scrub, then chuck it on the stove, wipe it over with a bit of oil, heat it a little bit and its as good as new.

    This looks very similar to our “use all the time” frypan


    I swear by carbon-steel (not non-stick) woks. Mine’s now so well seasoned it’s as good as non-stick – and inexpensive too.


    I also bought an enamel cast iron pot on special from Harris Scarfe a few years ago which I adore and use all the time. I’ve also got a carbon steel wok which performs as well as Rommie has suggested. I’ve got a large stainless steel pasta pot with strainer insert and glass lid that I use all the time too (with and without the strainer insert). I find other big cheap pots come in handy for things like preserving and just a vessel for holding conical strainers and that kind of thing


    Ok, so we ended up with a paella pan from raco – we have another raco frying pan that George loves. We haven’t bought saucepans yet.

    We’re going to need a new oven/cooktop when we move at then end of the year and George is not looking at induction :huh: so that’s going to change things slightly. We were thinking gas (like we have now) but that will mean having to get someone in to hook bottled gas up.

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